What To Watch: 02/01/2021

After a Sunday night that was all about broadcast television standing its ground with exciting new programming in the age of cutting the cord, today is one of those days we dive deep into the long tail of streaming. Well, at least we feature shows from Crackle and IMDb TV alongside new and returning content from traditional sources like HBO and TNT. Oh, and we have two different shows that are based on 2014 flicks.

The Investigation [HBO, 10p]
Don’t let its simple name fool you, this Swedish from-the-headlines-ript import is full of the complicated twists and turns (and darkness of soul) that make us (or at least a certain type of us) crave Scandinavian crime dramas. This one is from Mindhunter director Tobias Lindholm and tells the shocking and tragic story of journalist who disappeared after spending time on eccentric entrepreneur Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine–with Madsen the lead suspect when she turned up murdered.

Almost Paradise [IMDb TV]
Christian Kane stars as a U.S. DEA Agent forced into early retirement. In an effort to overcome his partner’s betrayal and manage his hypertension, he settles in the Philippines, where he sells tchotkes on the beach. Of course, to his immense delight, he’s pulled back into the world he left, through both the local and international police.

Snowpiercer [TNT, 9p]
Stop this train I want to get off! Or… trains? An exchange is reached between the two trains. But at what cost? And what revelations may be just beyond the horizon? This adaptation of the cult classic 2014 film is at once timely and envelope pushing. Genre fiction that’s really trying to say something.


  • If you’re feeling nostalgic for the time when college students and alumni could congregate together in stadiums, often in wild costumes and with zany plans, to cheer on their university’s football team, check out the newest Crackle docu-series Bucket List, which celebrates the greatest plays (and greatest fans) from the history of college football. We spied some great college names like AJ McCarron and Matt Simms to name a few.
  • Big Hero 6, the animated series based on the 2014 minor classic Disney animated heartwarmer returns on Disney Plus for a third season.
  • This might just be a recycle of a 2009 History Channel series, but Discovery Plus announces a new special for those who like to read meaning into centuries-old texts for a larf, Nostradamus: End of Days.
  • In what is essentially a slightly cooler version of a clip show, Love & Hip-Hop: It’s a Love Thing features comedian Chris Spencer and his wife Vanessa interviewing couples of VH1’s long-running rap-themed multi-city-spun-off relationship reality program (damn, that’s a mouthful) Love & Hip-Hop.
  • On the exact same level of art, we have TIFF-award winning moody South African drama Sew the Winter to My Skin, making its debut on Crackle today. We may need to take a tad more care in organizing these round-ups logically.
  • We’ll close it up with Maine Cabin Masters on DIY. We don’t really know that much about it, but we’ve never mentioned it before and the name kind of tickled us when we read it. What a brave new world, with such programs in’t. It’s into its seventh season apparently.

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