What To Watch: 01/29/2021

As Fridays often go, tonight’s new titles on small screens have more to do with movies, many of whom expected to make their debuts in theater before the dynamic changed drastically back in March. Our editor’s picks include a dark drama, an uplifting documentary, and a thrilling jazz concert.

The Little Things [HBO Max]
This thriller with a trio of A-listers is the latest in WB’s plan of simultaneous release of films on HBO Max and theaters. A serial killer is lose in Los Angeles. Two detectives try to find killer but end up dredging up dark secrets. This may seem like something you’ve seen before, but with a cast that includes Denzel Washington Jared Leto and Rami Malik, this should be worth a watch

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints [Netflix]
Uplifting is the mood as this new Netflix documentary chronicles the story of a youth football team in Brooklyn which has both become a powerhouse on the field and a success story for allowing young men in poverty to find a path to a more hopeful life.

In Concert At The Hollywood Bowl [PBS, 9p]
Because it sometimes feels like we’ll never go to a concert again, try tonight’s Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl: Featuring Dianne Reeves with Ivan Lins, Christian McBride, Chucho Valdes, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Kamasi Washington and Mega Nova (Herbie Hancock, Santana and Wayne Shorter).


  • Justin Timberlake and June Squibb have finally found that project they wanted to work on together (we’re calling them Timberuibb). JT is an ex-college football star/ex-convict (and JS is his mom) who finds himself mentoring a young child in the moody drama Palmer, debuting today on Apple TV+.
  • Marvel’s robot and witch show, WandaVision, is up to its 4th episode and while it may not be getting as much buzz as its predecessor in the virtual time slot (not every show can have a Boba Fett & a baby Yoda), it’s a whole lot of fun. And Randall Park is in it.
  • “They turned paradise into their playground” is both the motto of the U.S.A. and the tagline for The Great Escapists a new, and very, very weird reality show starring Gearhead Richard Hammond and Mythbuster Tory Bellici. The premise is Lost meets an Escape Room as the two are dropped on a desert island where they can use whatever resources they can find to get back home, but from the trailer it looks like they mostly play dorky pranks on each other with gadgets, so maybe it’s more BattleBots meets Gilligan’s Island.
  • After terrorists bomb the main hall of a Jehovah’s Witness place of prayer, the leader’s wife, Yana, becomes disillusioned with her faith and her life in general leading to a series of life-changing events in Beginning, 2021’s first offering from Mubi. If you are unfamiliar with Mubi, it is essentially the streaming version of what channels like Bravo and IFC were at their beginning.
  • Carey Mulligan is a wealthy widow who hires an archaeologist (Ralph Fiennes) to search for treasure on her land in The Dig, the latest period piece on Netflix. Mulligan is considered a frontrunner in the Oscars this year for Promising Young Woman.
  • Part action/adventure, part horror, Netflix Spanish import Below Zero is about a siege on a convict transport as our protagonist, the driver, tries to make it out alive.

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