What To Watch: 01/26/2021

Today starts and begins with Anthony Anderson. You might as hit up streaming for late-season episodes of Law & Order to watch him solve crimes with Jeremy Sisto in an underrated match-up, and hunt down Barbershop to re-relish him as he is comically defeated by an ATM machine. Make it a whole F with A.A. Day. And everybody’s celebrating! That said, we’re leading off with the underappreciated spin-off from his sitcom.

mixed-ish [ABC, 9:30p]
The best of the -ish franchises returns for season two tonight. Rainbow’s moral strength is what I’ve wanted in a pandemic.

To Tell The Truth [ABC, 8p]
The classic game of secrets and lies and videotape returns for its sixth season in its latest iteration, with Anthony Anderson, the ninth person to grace a role that has been held by everyone from baseballer Joe Garagiola and dearly departed Alex Trebek. Today’s panel features Jimmy Kimmel, Andrea Savage, and Sherri Shepherd.

The Misery Index [TBS, 10:30p]
Combine Card Sharks and Impractical Jokers, take out the cards and add in The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil as host) and you have this game show which tries to quantify life’s embarrassing moments and shape it into a game show. It’s better than it sounds and is back for a second season. 


  • Mofos may act like they forgot about him, but that other Dre returns for a black-ish that moves day and time to help its worthy spinoff touted above. There’s a blackout on the block and Dre is going to do his best to play the leader, and, well, you’ve seen sitcoms–you have some idea how this is going to play out. If it’s a selling point you want, look above as there will clearly be some kind of toilet paper joke.
  • It’s a whole new Tuesday ABC line-up as the sweeping drama of Big Sky returns for its sixth episode as there is a posse a-formin’ to track down Ronald. The reviews have been meh, but it’s got John David Carroll and Ted Levine, and just needs, say, Clancy Brown or Sam Elliott, for gruff character actor trademark.
  • We’re not exactly the biggest fans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise here, but the trailer for this season (now called Teen Mom OG), has some funny (and even genuinely sweet) moments as the one-time teenagers are now all pushing 30 and the perspectives have changed. While we’re not ones to watch ironically, we might make an exception here.

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