What To Watch: 01/19/2021

While we’re all on pins and needles hoping tomorrow against all odds goes off without a hitch (unless it’s Biden and Harris sitting down to watch that delightful movie Hitch after a clean, but exhausting inaugural, there’s plenty of TV to take your mind off it–or keep your mind on it, if that’s your thing–and in one case, we recommend celebrating as underneath it all a lot of history has been made and fingers crossed tomorrow, we will at least have one fewer madman in the Oval Office.

The Night Caller [Sundance Now]
From 1958 to 1963, a killer stalked the usually quiet streets of one of the most isolated cities in the world. After 35 murders in Perth, Australia, Eric Edgar Cooke was caught and finally confessed to the crime. However, the stories took an extra and unnecessary tragic twist when it turned out two people were behind bars for two of his crimes and in a perfect world, they would have been released after Cooke’s confession, but you probably figured out by this part of the sentence that this is not what happened. This latest true crime docu-series looks compellingly made as it tells the stories of Perth, Cooke, the investigation, and two unlucky souls who spent over 20 years combined in jail for crimes they did not commit.

Latino Inaugural 2021 [Univision, 9:30p]
Eva Longoria hosts this all-star look at the Biden-Harris inauguration from a Latino perspective.

Two Sentence Horror Stories [The CW, 8p]
We get a double-shot of the double-shot horror anthology tonight (so, four in total). In one, a gig worker gets more than she bargains for when her new job isn’t what it appears to be and in the other the only Asian American employee at an investment firm is up for an award. Needless to say things don’t go as planned.


  • You’d think we’d be in love with Prodigal Son on Fox. It’s got Michael Sheen as a serial killer who has a Silence of the Lambs thing going on with his own son, played by Tom Payne, no less (remember when it was the Toms instead of Chrises). The son became a crack homicide detective after aiding in arresting his father, but now has to work with him to capture a copycat. In it’s second season, it’s even added Catherine Friggin’ Zeta-Jones. Yet, here we are. Tonight, in the procedural part of the show, a priest is found murdered in his church.
  • Zoey’s inner musical monologue starts to haunt her dreams on the latest episode of a show Scholars has shown some love, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on The CW.
  • Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates always gets good gets, but tonight’s one-two punch is the pretty remarkable pair of superstar of stage and screen, Glenn Close, and master of movie mania, director John Waters. Tonight on PBS.

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