What To Watch: 01/14/2021

We love awkward drama with a hint of comedy here and all three recommendations could very well fit that picture, led by the return of the cult series whose fourth season could well be titled Finding Dory, but that would probably earn the attention of Disney lawyers. Also, we tout a new flick from an on-the-Go! director and a Lifetime killer cheerleader movie, b/c why not?!

Search Party [HBO Max]
As we head into the 4th season, on HBO Max for a second season, it is now Dory’s turn to be found as a different sort of obsessive holds her hostage, leaving Drew, Elliott, and Portia back on the hunt for the missing. One of TV’s darker comedies is making the most of its second life.

Locked Down [HBO Max]
A well-known director with a proven track record? Bankable movie stars? .. in a film about the quarantine? Well .. could be good. Doug Liman’s new film stars Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor as people navigating life in these lonely times. Mixed reviews so far, but this may be one to judge for yourself.

Cheer Camp Killer [LMN, 8p]
A girl finds her the target of a “Queen Bee” when she’s accepted at an elite cheerleading camp. This sounds so bad it could be good?


  • If you want hours after hours of enjoyable stories about the life of catering, watch either season of Starz’ classic ’00s comedy Party Down. If you want all that, but don’t care to laugh, HBO Max’s The Event presents four tales of large to-dos catered by award-winning chef Wolfgang Puck’s catering crew.
  • Discovery+ adds two titles that go in very different directions. The ITV import Prince William: A Planet For Us is explained entirely by itself there. UFO Witness is assuredly not about an epic 1978 performance by the British prog rock band, but the latest in alien observation.
  • The Cross twins return for a second season of trying to save children from trafficking, but now they are on the run framed as criminals. Double Cross is flying way, way under-the-radar on ALLBLK.
  • Cloud 9 deals with the racism lurking under the system amid the misfits who work at our favorite TV box store. The trailer for this week’s Superstore makes it look very funny with Colton Dunn leading the way as employees protest the new locking policy for Black hair products. It’s on a new day & time on NBC.
  • While the title Hunted is vague, it supplies you with the basic idea of what you’re in for from this latest Shudder original movie. It exists for those who thought “Little Red Riding Hood” needed a gritty reboot.
  • We’ll wind this up for no particular reason on the BET+ series American Gangster: Trap Queens which returns to chronicle another female icon from the crime world.

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