What To Watch: 01/13/2021

The first female five-timer on SNL and one of television’s great comedy legends, Candice Bergen, returns to television as an extended member of the family Conner. Every year the “spin-off” lasts is a joyful slap in the face to every Parler member. Wait, Parler has been closed as well. Yum. Funnier political venom will be released as The Daily Show‘s first female 50 field-piece vet (we’re just guessing on this one) returns for the opening of the sixth season of her own faux news show. There’s also an intriguing new dark comedy about the rigors of fleeting fame on Hulu.

Everyone Is Doing Great [Hulu]
It’s the struggling actor story in the awkwardly humourous spirit of Extras or Episodes, but in this case it’s post-success, after the cameras have started to turn away. Show creators James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti are two actors who are struggling to find success five years after their hit vampire show ended (it’s not True Blood, but, yes, it is True Blood). The trailer doesn’t have many laughs, but there is promise for some terrific character-driven comedy.

The Conners [ABC, 9p]
Ben’s mom comes to town with shocking revelations.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Sam Bee returns for the first episode since the attempted coup by ring wing crazies. We all know that Bee will be ANGRY and have a lot to say about it all. Righteous anger is a gift


  • It’s a great day for the return of television greats as we close on Kyra Sedgwick’s newest episodic, Call Your Mother, about a matriarch whose kids just don’t call as much as she’d like. And that’s the show. It’s on ABC and is from the creator of The New Adventures of Old Christine. And speaking of feeling old, that show that saddled Julia Louis-Dreyfus with the adjective “old” ended its five-season run over ten years ago. Oh, and this sketch is over five years young. Why do we do this to ourselves? Wait, it’s just us?
  • Big day for network procedural returns as the Chicago suite of municipal services returns from mid-season break on NBC (that’s Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Fire). There might even be a crossover or two. The law & order specialists line-up returns over on CBS with SEAL Team and SWAT.
  • Richard Ramirez’ reign of crime paralyzed the city of Los Angeles for years during the 1980s. With no obvious pattern or even consistent M.O., anyone could be a victim at any time. The Netflix docu-series Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer examines the extensive investigation which finally captured him as well as the genuine fear that gripped the second largest city in America.
  • ABC returns a slate of lighter fare. We mentioned The Conners above, but there’s also the return of ’80s-in-a-blender sitcom The Goldbergs and offbeat domestic comedy American Housewife. It’s hard to hate much on the latter if you’ve watched the ever-affable Diedrich Bader’s enthusiasm for promoting his own show and castmates.
  • We’ll close, as we like to do, over at Lifetime, where its romantic experiment Married At First Sight returns for its twelfth season{?}. If you don’t know it, the title does pretty much all the heavy lifting you need.

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