What To Watch: 01/12/2021

The CW unfurls its latest Tuesday night line-up which may be one of its best nights of television ever, while Fox returns a pair of traditional dramas–one crime, one medical. Chris Rock fans can rejoice with new material from familiar specials, and Zoey keeps on groovin’ to the voices in her head. This is What to Watch for January 12, 2021.

Trickster [The CW, 9p]
I’m not usually one to recommend CW shows. It’s got some standouts (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and people love Riverdale), but there’s a certain YA style to its shows that just doesn’t jibe with my tastes (I’m just not cool enough). Not that this new show about a indigenous teen Canadian drug dealer doesn’t have a too-cool vibe about it, but the drama based on a popular series of Canadian novels by Eden Robinson looks well-scripted and thrilling, and I’d give it a shot.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist [NBC, 8p]
Mo, who deserves a spinoff, thwarts Zoey’s efforts to hangout with Max. Should have appreciated that dreamboat in the pilot, Zo.

Chris Rock: Total Blackout:The Tambourine Extended Cut [Netflix]
Chris Rock released his Tambourine special a few years ago. A Rock comedy special is an event and now we get an extended version on Netflix. Since I still recite jokes from the show, an extended version is very welcome!


  • The CW’s experiment in flash fiction terror: serial anthology style, Two Sentence Horror Stories, returns for its second season. Tonight, five high schoolers in detention must elude a demon.
  • Tonight on Fox, aw who cares. If you’re curious, the returning dramas are The Resident and Prodigal Son and as always you can click on the titles for more information. Goooooo Hyperlynx! [ed.s note: Jason was actually a ringer on a softball team of librarians called the Hyperlynx]. The latter show has Michael Sheen and we love Michael Sheen, so we’re not sure why we’re being so blase about it all.
  • TLC’s feeling so damned Unpolished as the show whose title plays off both the fact that its main family, The Martones, are both loud and obnoxious and and own a beauty salon, returns for a second season.

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