What To Watch: 01/11/2021

It’s somewhat of a strange night of television with one, count ’em one, scripted television show. Well, at least there’s only one fully scripted show since anyone who has watched UnReal knows that shows like The Bachelor are not a wholly real sort of reality. Currently, we’re about a barrier breaking WoC starting her second year as a host, an expose on the drug that dominated the 1980s (along with the racist undertones that compounded the tragedy of lost lives), and antiques.

A Little Late with Lilly Singh [NBC, 1:30a]
I’m usually skeptical of YouTube comedy crossovers, but Singh, while raw at times, possesses an eager, affable, engaging charm that makes me wish I stayed up to watch this more often than I do. If anything, I vow to add it to the DVR (which I’ve fallen a bit behind too as streaming has come to dominate). 

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy [Netflix]
There has always been a lot of legend and conspiracy surrounding the rise of the crack epidemic in the 80s/early 90s. The new Netflix documentary examines the epidemic from those that lived it. And in so doing cuts through the myth. Watch. You will learn a lot.

The Bachelor [ABC, 8p]
For the first time the Bachelor is on my radar as this season makes show history with their first ever Black Bachelor. It only took 25 seasons! Sheesh. I’m tuning in to learn more about Matt James and experience his journey. But also because I’m here for more POC finding their happily ever after, whether it’s in 1800s Regency England or present day reality TV.

Antiques Roadshow [PBS, 8p]
The show hits the road to my old hometown, Baltimore, where an 1885 baseball program and–I’m curious about this one–prairie art being appraised. Oh, and some old shit about Lincoln, yawn.


  • Ok, there’s a second scripted series if you count deep streaming. Irish actress/comedian Amy Huberman’s onscreen character Joy’s persona in her quirky comedy Finding Joy falls somewhere on the deliriously awkward scale between Miranda‘s Miranda and Fleabag‘s Fleabag. The second season hits Acorn TV streaming today.
  • This week on the 33rd{?!} season return of PBS’ American Experience, the docu-series celebrates WWII-era codebreaker Elizabeth Smith Friedman who helped bring down both mobster Al Capone and a Nazi spy ring.
  • Hulu drops a last minute look at the horrors from last Wednesday with 24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol. It’s still amazing to think how much worse that could have been. Something needs to be done and the people involved need to be punished harshly.
  • One of home renovation’s greatest celebrities Ty Pennington returns with a new HGTV show, named Ty Breaker (and Screen Scholars approves of the pun, even if we may not watch).
  • A celebrity from a hobby with a different level of adrenalie, WWE superstar Steve Austin reminds us there’s a lot more depth to him than it may appear from all the meme-before-there-were-memes Austin 3:16 meme. The second season of the look-at-my-family reality show Steve Austin Straight Up returns today on USA. He’s also surprising liberal for someone who brags loudly about raising hell, which should not matter, but let’s admit it: it’s a plus.
  • Speaking of fun rabble-rousers, we’re not going to speculate on the political orientation of Discovery’s Street Outlaws who have their regular show plus Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days returning today, the former for its 17th season.
  • Instead of closing on Lifetime (as there is no new movie, nor even a movie that is Lifetime-adjacent), we’ll close on a title which may be the anti-Lifetime: The CW’s All American Stories tells the inspiring tales that created the playbook that the hit series All American was based on,

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