What To Watch: 1/10/2021

Darkness falls over the TV schedule as its most gothic of serial programs returns to Starz. Meanwhile, the Sunday night Showtime lineup marches on to keep us company in a quieter Sunday of the TV schedule.

American Gods [Starz, 8p]
The upcoming third season was supposed to be the final go around of the gothic story based on the Neil Gaiman novel, but we recently learned that Starz has ordered a fourth season. So we won’t see the final battle between the old and new gods this season, but that stakes are sure to be raised!

All Creatures Great & Small [PBS, 9p]
PBS’ latest Masterpiece is a refreshingly light autobiographical tale from the stories of mid-20th Century British veterinarian and author James Herriot. Newcomer Nicholas Ralph makes his screen debut as the Yorkshire vet.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? [ABC, 9p]
Ray Romano and firefighter (because it’s patriotic to bring in a select portion of essential workers?) Lauren Kuykendall are in the hot seat. Should there be new episodes in a pandemic? NO. Am I happy to watch it? Yeah.


  • At one point this would have been a simple narrative of triumph against the odds; unfortunately, the golf titan’s tale took a turn after marital strife led to a scandal that was probably a bigger deal than it should have been. HBO’s Tiger is a two-part look into the athlete’s life.
  • We’d laugh about how politics became a real circus last week, but given there’s a good chance we came perilously close to seeing the murder of the VP and the Speaker of the House on CNN (egged on by advisors of the President if not the President himself), there will be no light punnery on the name of Showtime’s politics program. The Circus will have a lot to talk about–as do we all–as it returns for a sixth season tonight.
  • Now to make fun of that other Showtime show–the one about the most dysfunctional family on Earth–well, we’re that Shameless. The Gallaghers are at war with the new neighbors, the even-more-dirtbaggy Milkoviches, as we’re almost halfway through the final season.
  • We’ll close with two Lifetime-style movies, one from the original death star. Over on Up, love is in the air as a TV renovation show host is paired with an oddly-coupled partner who looks like if someone was trying to find the exact middle ground of humorous handsome between Joel McHale and Chris Pratt in the lighthearted rom-com Blueprint to the Heart. Over on Lifetime, the mood is much darker as Christmas 2020 becomes a distant memory. The Nanny Murders is pretty much what its title suggests as Jamie becomes an au pair to her idol, a financial celebrity, but he starts sleazy and when she rejects his advances, he turns to sinister.

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