What To Watch: 12/26/2020

We’re feeling a bit French and Canadian (but not French-Canadien) in our recommendations for today as we feature a moody autobiographical film and herald the return of lives of some quirkily charming residents of a fictional rural northern town.

Letterkenny [Hulu]
Season nine streams today on Hulu in what can only be hailed as a Christmas miracle. Shucks, Wayne, you do give the best gifts.

DNA [Netflix]
In what was expected to be a Cannes winner before Cannes was no more for the year, actress/director Maiwenn leads a cast of French stars in a family drama that illustrates a woman’s search for her Algerian heritage (which not coincidentally matches her own.


  • In fact most of tonight’s new content comes from beyond the U.S. border as Netflix also debuts Asphalt Burning, a German comedy about a man who finds himself in the position of having to race a rival to win back his runaway bride. If this sounds a bit sexist… well, Netflix’s record for foreign imports should not assuage any worries.
  • We’re always here for a gritty true crime drama on a Winter’s night, and tonight’s ID offering takes us to the heartland for Kentucky Murder Mystery: The Trials of Anthony Gray. Gray was the prime suspect in his parents’ murder in Sadieville in 2007 and his trip through the legal system has been a roller coaster. This special draws heavily from actual trial footage.
  • Tonight on Lifetime, it’s The Baby Stealer, where we’re guessing Rachel is a high-priced PR rep whose business takes her back to her small town, where she bumps into Peter, her old boyfriend, who’s in the process of selling his mom & pop infant theft store. Oh, wait, it’s 12/26 when Lifetime’s movie formula flips back from holiday love in a small town to suburban fear, terror, and stalking, and Rachel and Peter are new parents befriended by Sandi who seems nice at first, but (and it’s a big ole but) she’s, well, you probably can guess what she’d like to do from the title.

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