What To Watch: 12/21/2020

It’s a slow Monday as Santa comes in for a 2020-style crash landing at the end of the week, but there’s some items worth mentioning, led by an intriguing special featuring a notorious doughnut-licker, Pete Davidson-coupler, and international pop superstar.

Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You [Netflix]
Part documentary/part concert film, Ariana Grande’s new Netflix special is described by the pop star as a “love letter to fans.” Grande has proven to be both a talented performer with enough versatility to stick around for a while. This show may give you some insight as to why and how she pulls it all off.

American Dad! [TBS, 10p]
Stan gets a second chance at achieving the perfect Christmas, which is probably some trope, but I’m not recognizing it offhand. In any case, it’s a sweet spot plot for the perfectionist lead character.


  • As much as we’re digging action Lin-Manuel, it has to come to an end sometime, and for the second season of the HBO fantasy show His Dark Materials, that day is tonight as someone is about to throw down with Mrs. Coulter.
  • The “Odd Professions” subgenre of reality always has its more cringeworthy corners, but few are as shuddery (at least to us) than Dr. Pimple Popper, which amazingly enters its fifth season tonight on TLC.
  • Join Wayne Brady and a masquerade’s worth of screeching people in costumes that would send the folks at Ricky’s or Party City’s central offices into a spiral. If that’s your thing, and why wouldn’t it be, Let’s Make a Deal: Prime Time is on CBS.
  • An annual NFL Pro Bowl goes virtual this year on Madden 21, which might make it the most real American football all-star game ever played. Tonight the players who made the cut will be announced on the NFL Network’s NFL Total Access: Pro Bowl Players Revealed.
  • Our lone new Lifetime Christmas movie of the day comes from the likeliest of choices, Lifetime, who brings us Spotlight on Christmas where scandal-struck Olivia goes back to her home town (you don’t have to look it up: yes, it’s quaint) to her hide, but she was not expecting to fall in love. How do they keep coming up with these ideas?

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