On The 7th Day of Christmas: Schitt’s Creek-“Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”

When Johnny wakes up dreaming of Christmas Eve parties past, forgetting that the Rose Family holiday party was organized, managed, and catered by personal and outside staff, Johnny hopes to recreate the magic of wealthier times. Also secretly hoping to celebrate the Rose Family’s newfound sense of togetherness, he unfairly demands his family comply with his plan, only to find it riddled with complications and a misunderstanding.

Christmas Pills

It’s a trope to recreate the Christmas parties of yore (or make last-minute demands), but only Schitt’s Creek could flashback to a past less merry than the present: Alexis leaves on a yacht for Capri and David? “Last I heard he was screaming at Wolfgang. Apparently, there weren’t enough capers on the smoked salmon crudités.” Don’t worry, Moira gave them their checks before taking her Christmas pills, leaving Johnny alone in front of the tree.

A Scary Amount of SuperGlue

Certainly, it’s a bleak flashback, but its callbacks to past episodes are downright merry. We’re gifted a glimpse of Stavros, disaffected, and disinterested. Bev and Don, the couple dressed down in “Happy Anniversary” are there, too, and the party opens on Moira and David’s “Asbestos Fest” saving medley.

With Stevie and Patrick’s help and a “scary amount of superglue,” the Rose family dresses up the tree, the room, and fills the guest list with friendly townspeople, including the Jazzagals, who perform a song before caroling at the senior center. This year, Johnny isn’t gazing at the tree alone.

During the Party, It’s the DuringParty

The party itself is a classy affair, with no incidents, and Johnny’s true intentions are tidily resolved through clear and effective communication–and so are his family’s apologies. How nice to see a family comedy transparent in a sea of the According to Jim knockoffs with nary a tree on fire.

It’s also a treat to see the town covered in snow—Schitt’s Creek only filmed during the summer, given the area’s predilection for tough winters, and the cast’s preference for local butter tarts. It’s an even greater pleasure to see Moira swathed in fur.

More Holiday Specials NOW!

Watching Schitt’s Creek and feeling wistful for the season begs the question why it couldn’t provide more holiday specials, like its neighbor Letterkenny, who aired a holiday episode each season (to include Easter and St. Patrick’s Day). We’ll take what we can get, even if it’s a collection of stickers with the faces of old guys, salvaged at the church rummage sale.

Memorable Quotes

Alexis: “You know today is Christmas Eve right? Maybe people don’t want to spend it in front of mom’s wig wall.”

David: “What about the gifts? Because everything on my list requires pre-order.”

David: “Even if we could afford Nate Berkus, I burned that bridge in Ibiza.”

Ray: “What you’re smelling is actually our holiday-scented car ornament. They can be used in your car or on your tree! Sold separately, of course.”

Moira: “Let’s go. I’ve had enough waking hours for one day.”

Moira: “I heard Peter! Bogdonavich loved a mink.”

Moira: “It wouldn’t be the holidays without at least one good family fight.”

Stevie: “Those would be Mardi Gras beads. Nana Budd worked hard for those.”

Moira: “Surely the dentures have been dropped in the glass by now. Can’t we spare one carol here, now?”

Moira: “Let’s just smile and say thank you.”

Watch Schitt’s Creek‘s “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose” (Season 4, Episode 15) here.

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