What To Watch: 12/20/2020

As the holiday season hits full bloom, your Sunday night TV options are mainly holiday-related, with a lot of music bios and the Showtime bummer line-up. Other than Katherine, who’s there for the polar bears, we’re recommending the bummer line-up.

Your Honor [Showtime, 10p]
This show is stone-cold in its bummerness, but with Bryan Cranston in the lead and an assist from Hope Davis, it’s still a compelling watch as multiple lives hold a race to spiral into the abyss as Cranston’s revered judge is pushed to the limit as he tries to protect his son, who hit the son of a local mob higher up and left the scene as the kid bled to death. 

Shameless [Showtime, 9p]
Going on weed runs with Frank Gallagher is always full of adventure–and pathos, as Franny is about to find out. Debbie has lost of track of them and that complicates things. Must be the new season.

March of the Polar Bears [Nat Geo Wild, 8p]
Enjoy a first look at a pack of polar bears at it traverses the ice at Hudson Bay.


  • Two of our country’s most inoffensive country stars, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, team up for a charity performance on CBS’ Garth & Trisha Live! The two affable superstars, neither of whose music makes us think of fingernails scratching down blackboards, may just be what Christmas 2020 needs.
  • That will be followed up on CBS by the 22nd Annual Home For the Holidays. We missed 1 through 21, so please let us know if we can just sit down and watch or if we will be hopelessly lost.
  • Reelz continues to mine 1986 MTV (minus Kurt Loder) as it affects a music history persona as their “Story of the Songs” anthology highlights two luminaries of pop and R&B with the debut of Diana Ross: Story of Her Songs and Whitney Houston: Story of Her Songs.
  • TLC’s Unexpected is exactly what you’d expect as it’s about those who are not expecting (but are). Its fourth season opens tonight and is much less complicated than that sentence.
  • And so this is Christmas Eve’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve, and what have we done. Well, speaking for us, we have tried to keep you informed of all the new content, and this one comes with a twist of inclusivity. We’ll start at the beginning, and that would be Lifetime, where we find A Christmas Break. In this case it’s the man, a Hollywood star, coming back to the hometown where a local teacher is trying to save her school for her kids. Will they meet? Will they be cute? Will they fall in love? Will it be forever? Over at Hallmark, they remember the eight days of miracles for one night of movie, and as Hallmark movies go they have some star power here with Mia Kirschner, Ben Savage, and they even found a spot for Taxi‘s Merilu Henner, in Love, Lights, Hannukah! Finally, Hallmark Movie Network chimes in more traditionally with Project Christmas Wish, where Amanda Schull’s Lucy is a radio DJ who grants a child’s wish every Christmas, but 2020, as it had a knack for doing, throws a curveball.

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