What To Watch: 12/19/2020

It’s the Saturday before Christmas and if you’ve been paying attention the last few years, you’ll know this means that the SNL guest host is going to be alum and the nastalgia booth will be open, and the results tend to be mixed, but we know we can count on The Women of SNL to have some pre-recorded goodness. This year the host will be Kristen Wiig.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Kristin Wiig has come a long way since her star making days on SNL. She’s one of Hollywood’s most bankable celebrities and is even staring in the mega blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984. Well she’s returning to Studio 8H, where it all began to host SNL’s Christmas episode! Musical guest Dua Lipa brings the pop.

Christmas Carousel [Hallmark, 8p]
A woman, who must repair the Royal Family’s carousel before Christmas (WHY?) falls in love with the prince.

Saturday Night Football: Bills @ Broncos [NFL, 4:30p]
I generally try to keep my sports fan life out of all this, but my beloved Buffalo Bills are in the unusual situation (for them) of winning their division for the first time since I was in college and their quarterback Josh Allen did not exist on this mortal plain. Go Bills! Panthers @ Packers as the second half of the double-header is a nice bonus.


  • In a Syfy movie that has Sharknado vibes eminating from every pore (or, if it’s good, An Evil Dead Xmas), Letters To Satan Claus features Karen Knox as Holly a TV Reporter whose life has been literal Hell since as a kid she transposed letters in a missive to St. Nick and summoned the Lord of Darkness to slaughter her parents.
  • From the files of the more standard TV Christmas movie fare, we have A Christmas Exchange on Lifetime where farmhouse-livin’ Molly trades spaces with post London gadabout Patrick and while they meet slow through calls and e-mails, it’s still cute. It’s the last Hawthorne Home Christmas, and we all know what that means… wait, we have no idea what it means… in any case, a bunch of attractive folk, some veterans, some ridiculously posh, get Swept Up In Christmas on the Hallmark Movie Network. Brad’s a skateboarder, Lisa is pregnant, they are both attractive and wind up in a lodge at Christmas and surely learn some things about the season and probably Jesus given the network it is on–it’s Christmas in Rosemont in UP.

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