What To Watch: 12/17/2020

There’s a definite joy to todays selections, whether it be from savvy animated animal kids, a cavalcade of puppies (and full adult dogs), or from seeing a new adaptation of one of your childhood favorite horror tomes.

The Stand [CBS All Access]
It’s here! The highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel hits streaming. Can’t wait to see mother Abigail and Randall Flagg and the rest of the iconic ensemble clash in the after effects of a plague. 2020 wasn’t all bad. We got The Stand at least. 

Dogs of the Year [The CW, 8p]
What hero dogs join the ranks of the likes of last year’s honoree Mayor Max? We’ll find out on this definitive countdown of the Top Ten, and I’ll prepare myself for the heartbreak that my Trixie, a puggle, is snubbed again. They just don’t know, Trixie!

Summer Camp Island [HBO Max]
Oscar and Hedgehog house sit for the King and encounter aliens along the way.


  • Six Feet Under‘s Rachel Griffiths is the Prime Minister of Australia whose paths become entwined with indigenous Senator Alex Irving, who is played by newcomer Deborah Mailman in Total Control. The dramatic mini-series first popped up on ABC for a tryout episode, but its first season winds up on Sundance Now. Buzz is that Mailman steals the show.
  • In Another COVID creation, Homeschool Musical tries to make up for all the theater kids whose crowning moment was taken away from them in 2020 with a chance at national glory on this HBO Max special which promises equal parts overblown and inspiration.
  • Hopefully it takes you less time to parse 12 Dates of Christmas than it did us (and even then we were excited about a healthy Mediterranian-themed cooking show). Also on HBO Max, this follows six singles (on two dates each, or four if with each other) as they try to find love against a red and green backdrop.
  • Also on HBO Max, Sesame Street: Holiday at Hooper’s features six single muppets who… sorry, mind skipped, but then we don’t know how we feel about the CTW trying to replace one of the greatest Christmas specials of all-time (just see Jason’s thoughts when intro’ing our Christmas Episodes feature). They even seem to be hiding this hangout at the late grocer’s corner store, as finding a trailer or even a pre-release page on HBO Max.
  • We’ll close on a UMC original flick which centers on a hardworking music industry CEO whose secrets threaten to explode her comfy life, a movie which for some reason has the title The Available Wife.

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