What To Watch: 12/16/2020

Fans of short-lived classics from My So-Called Life to Firefly to GLOW can marvel at a show that never seems to catch an audience or critical raves but gets multiple lives. Not writing this in response to anything, but just a random thought. So, let’s just go to our lead recommendation, which is starting its fifth season, now on a new network.

The Expanse [Amazon Prime]
This little program (that’s not so little) has proven to be the sci-fi show that won’t die. After getting cancelled at Syfy, it found new life on Amazon Prime. The fifth season debuts today on the streaming service. We have the results of an election to deal with as well as some interesting stuff on the black market… welcome the… the… future(?)

Break It All: The History of Rock in Latin America [Netflix]
From Peace and Love to Molotov, this docu-series tells the rich tale of rock’n’roll and its influence and influential players in Latin America.

How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding [Netflix]
This series about a ne’er-do-well doing as they do, awfully, as she returns to visit her family to be a part of her sister’s wedding could be lame slapstick or, as it looks it might be from the trailer, the South African version of Fleabag. Either way, it’s beautifully shot and had some genuinely funny lines.


  • The quality HBO documentaries just roll on with The Art of Political Murder which is concerned with the shocking 1998 assassination of Guatemalan human rights activist Bishop Juan Gerardi. It’s based on a book by Francisco Goldman and is co-produced by George Clooney.
  • An Italian thriller aired initially in the UK landed somehow on The CW, Devils sports a bit of a Billions/Succession vibe as it tells the story of a trader whose life is upended by a possibly faked scandal that leads to greater intrigue the more he tries to disentangle. Tonight, the first season comes to an end on The CW.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjzLlf3VDNQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjzLlf3VDNQ
  • From the K-Drama world, we have the Netflix import Run On, a swooning tale of a champion sprinter who becomes romantically entangled with his new translator.
  • The Ripper is, at you might expect, about a serial killer, but if you think it’s about THAT killer, well, you don’t know Peter! Peter Sutcliffe was known as the Yorkshire Killer, a monster who killed thirteen women between 1975 and 1980. The docu-series about him is on Netflix.
  • Superstar Indian stand-up Vir Das plays on words and our new from-home medium with his umpteenth Netflix special, titled Vir Das: Outside In.
  • Our Christmas movie tonight is provided by the folks at BET who chime in on the spirit with Holiday Heartbreak, about a woman who believes herself cursed by the energy her womanizing father put into the universe.

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