What To Watch: 12/13/2020

Prepare for a lot of triggered Parler users tonight as a certain former President sits down with the premier DJ’ing team. He’ll be sipping from an American flag mug, smiling (and dancing) naturally, and smoothly reminding us all of how nice it was to have a President whose rhyming nickname was “No Drama” (and how nice it will be in 37 days with a man who can be more validly described as “kindly” instead of “yelly”). If that’s not your cup of latte, we’ve got two Christmas-themed supernatural programs from very different ends of the “-topia” spectrum.

Desus & Mero: The Obama Interview [Showtime, 11p]
Tonight, the Bronx boys get presidential when they interview the one and only former President Barack Obama. It looks like lots of wisecracks and hoop talk on this stop of the President’s book tour. Really, I’m just here for the nicknames.

The Walking Dead Holiday Special [AMC+]
Chris Hardwick hosts the show’s first ever Holiday Special on the AMC+ streaming service. Come watch cast member discuss their favorite memories from their time on the show. As if that isn’t enough, they will do a table read of a scene from an upcoming season 10 episode.

Christmas Comes Twice [Hallmark, 8p]
Tia Mowry-Housley “gets a second shot of love” via a time-traveling carousel. I hope this was inspired by Hot Tub Time Machine. (And I hope this never happens to me.)


  • The Alfred the Butler fanfic known as Pennyworth returns on Epix for a second season tonight. Marvel (oof, poor choice of words) as DC legend Batman’s manservant builds a security agency in 1950s London. In fairness, it looks pretty fun actually.
  • Netflix has grown so beyond-its-britches big that now it can host a show celebrating its 2020 accomplishments with The Netflix Afterparty: The Best Shows of the Worst Year. London Hughes and the always hilarious Fortune Feimster join David Spade to look back at another absurdly good year for the streaming service with a special emphasis on its two cultural phenomena: Babies and The Liberator! No, of course we’re talking about those crazy exotic animal eccentrics and that white girl abroad.
  • What could be better for a struggling relationship than a Pandemic that forces paired up peeps to be together in their homes for nearly 24/7 (sometimes even 25/8). A certain Showtime reality series thrives on this though as tonight comes Couples Therapy: The COVID Special where the couples meet with Dr. Orna Guralnik, including the usual celebrities as well as everyday people.
  • By all accounts one of the kindest men in rock’n’roll, Tom Petty’s career was so long and steady that it’s easy to overlook just how influential and talented he was. Reelz pays tribute to the distinctively-voiced singer-songwriter and leader of the Heartbreakers whose classics include “Refugee,” “You Got Lucky,” and his highest charting hit 1990’s “Free Fallin’” with Tom Petty: Won’t Back Down. Unfortunately, Petty was also one of a slew of musical legends whose life’s too early end was brought in part by the opioid Fentanyl, and Reelz pairs it with Autopsy: The Last Hours of Tom Petty, which just seems kind of exploitive.
  • And then of course, we have Christmas, and a lot of it, so here’s a topline (as always, click on the titles for more info. In addition to Katherine’s rec’d program, the peeops at Hallmark air Christmas Homecoming on Hallmark Movie Network. Over on Lifetime, there’s A Sugar & Spice Holiday. UP’s got A Christmas Princess. Finally, we get to see a certain First Lady do the thing for which she has expressed an all-abiding passion, Christmas stuff, as it’s the White House Christmas 2020 which is bafflingly on HGTV. Their website has promoted it as “happening.”

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