What To Watch: 12/08/2020

It’s about as ordinary as a Tuesday night could be when there is an NFL game because half of one team is sick with COVID. We lead with the latest documentary to shine a flashlight on social justice, while one of us digs down into a show that makes gourmet food out of turkey and cheese puffs.

40 Years a Prisoner [HBO, 9p]
This film documents Mike Africa, Jr.’s efforts to exonerate his parents, who were members of MOVE, and convicted to maximum sentences with seven others. A 1978 shootout in a residential Philadelphia raid targeted the “back-to-nature” group, leading to a firebombing of MOVE’s home and the deaths of 11 members, including five children.

Swamp Thing [The CW, 8p]
DC’s apex horror character is back in a new episode. I’ve always considered this show to be more about Abby Arcane than Alec Holland’s swamp monster which makes it all that more interesting. Warner Bros canceled the show the day it debuted on the DC Universe streaming service. It deserves a second chance so watch it and maybe we can save it. Please clap.

Supermarket Stakeout [Food, 10p]
This is kind of a two most glorious words in the English language choice, but it’s quite likely I’ll still go out of my way to tune in to see what host Alex Guarnaschelli does to make a fancy meal out of odd ingredients.


  • The ABC thriller Big Sky has garnered mixed reviews (interestingly, it has done better with the critics than it has with the audience.), but its got a fast pace, compelling conceit of showing serial kidnapper, maybe killer, from many angles and it’s got significant gasp factor–and character actor John Carroll Lynch.
  • We’re not yet sure what to make of the K-drama scene, but they have some wonderfully named shows. Lovestruck in the City, new on Netflix, concerns an architect with an affection for alleyways, who falls in love with Lee Eun, who may be more or less than she appears.
  • Whether or not you are ready for some football, a blessing (or curse) of the Pandemic has been an abundance of the NFL on television as with games postponed a few days to escape COVID outbreaks, Fox’s Thursday Night Football has now been on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday about as often as it’s actually been played on Thursday (and it will happen on Friday and Saturday before the end of the year. This week the once proud but now floundering Ravens meet up with the train wreck formerly known as America’s Team.
  • We’ll wrap it up with some Christmas goodness. The only new special/movie comes from Oprah’s OWN network, and it’s A Christmas For Mary, about a woman named Mary celebrating Christmas. It turns out Mary is Viveca A. Fox and Jackee is in it in some capacity so we’re gonna shut off our sarcasm, because this is what you should, no, must be watching tonight.

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