What To Watch: 12/07/2020

It’s a dark day for our recommendations–by which we mean, two out of three of them have the word “dark” in their titles. It’s balanced off by our lead recommendation being a mini-series from a director known for her bright splashy filmic scenes. You can even see the contrast in the images below.

A Suitable Boy [Acorn]
From the creator of the original UK House of Cards and the highly underrated director of films like Monsoon Wedding and The Namesake comes this mini-series adapted from a 1993 Vikram Seth novel. It centers around Lata, a young University student in 1950s India and while its reviews have been mixed, it has a great cast and its trailer looks beautiful at least. 

His Dark Materials [HBO, 9p] 
Lyra and Will look for the knife, and Lee finally figures out who Grumman is, and if you think I didn’t GASP on the only transatlantic flight I’ve ever been on YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL. (Smarter readers probably figured it out in the first chapter of The Golden Compass.)

Dark Tales with Don Wildman [Travel, 10p]
Don Wildman examines the history of vengeful spirits, tales of love gone wrong, revenge and betrayals. What would cause an unrestful sprit to haunt the living? This expose may give you an idea.


  • Now, now, now, wait a minute, y’all. This hospital ain’t for everybody–only the sexy patients. So, all you fly patients, get on up there and heal; heal, I said. If you’ve seen the ads for Nurses on NBC, you might have an idea of what we mean as the show takes the Sexy Hospital Drama[TM] formula to a WNL. There’s an argument that this is an important time to have television that celebrates one of the most wonderful and noble professions out there, but is this that?
  • NYC chef Andrew Zimmern continues his quest for the greatest in odd culinary experiences as the latest season of Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations returns on Cooking Channel.
  • On the 30th day of new Christmas movies and specials, Lifetime gives to us a movie called The Santa Squad which goes with the kindhearted woman who has given up on love meets rich widower father formula and features the indignantly delivered line “is that a glue gun?! Surely not on this table, it’s an antique!” Is the landscape snowswept? You betcha!

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