What To Watch: 12/06/2020

It’s a big Sunday night for the cable giants with the return of a pair of returning programs of the critically acclaimed variety. Joining them is the re-gifting dentist who converted to Judaism for the jokes who became the abiding father of the most famous middle child of the aughts who then became the knockingest meth dealer in New Mexico is now a New Orleans judge whose son’s hit-and-run sparks dark misadventures. Also, after 32 seasons, we see the first Ms. Hoover episode (well, it’s a Lisa episode, but let’s give the beleaguered, if ornery-incompetent second grade teacher a break).

Your Honor [Showtime, 10p]
Created by husband-and-wife team Robert & Michelle King, best known for The Good Wife, this mini-series thriller stars Bryan Cranston as a virtuous judge who is pushed to the limit when his son is involved in a hit-and-run. While it sounds like a classic formula, it’s impossible to ignore the power of a cast rounded out by the ubiquitous Isaiah Whitlock, Jr., Hope Davis, Blair Underwood and others.

Euphoria [HBO, 9p]
This isn’t considered season 2, but the first of two new episodes shot during the Pandemic hits HBO tonight. Given how much the show relies on physical touch for both its nuances and its audacity it will be interesting to see how they work. Whether or not you feel that this provocative drama is an accurate portrayal of Gen Z, it does reflect what they are going through.

The Simpsons [NBC, 8p]
Lisa (rightly) calls Miss Hoover a hack and learns of her teacher’s private pain.


  • Frank’s fate is likely sealed as the eleventh (and final) season of Shameless debuts tonight on Showtime. The show about the extended Gallagher clan of deviant misfits leans its plot into the Pandemic, while gentrification looms over the baddest part of Chicago town.
  • For more dirtbag drama, but of the classy Southern women variety, the (wow) 13th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres tonight on, where else, Bravo!
  • In the exquisitely-but-sadly titled The Case Died With Her, prosecutor Lori Coombs examines the case of Emilie Morris, a woman who died suddenly in her 30s, days before she was to face her alleged molester. On this Oxygen special, Morris’ family tries to earn posthumous justice while shining a light on child sexual abuse.
  • You can’t keep a good crime drama down, as even though the 50 Cent series Power has reached its end, the story is taken up, minus Mr. Cent, right where they left off with Starz’ Power Book II: Ghost.
  • Reelz is on a hard rockin’ kick as they unfurl a pair of documentaries about titans of metal. They lead off with a blizard of Ozzy as it’s Black Sabbath: Breaking the Band. Next up, it’s the puppet masters themselves, Metallica: The Story of the Songs.
  • OK, we said we need a little Christmas. Today’s content is like a million snowmen dancing the nutcracker atop a sea of sugar plum as Mariah Carey, Bobby Helms, Brenda Lee, Perry Como, and The Chipmunks play at top blast, so here’s just the topline. From the Lifetime/Hallmark world, we’ve got Christmas Ever After from the former and Christmas She Wrote on the latter (with A Little Christmas Charm over on the Hallmark Movie Network). TV One has a Christmas Dilemma, where no matter what they do, all a couple of boos can think about is which family to visit for the holidays. Over on UP, the seasonal movie is Christmas on the Range so we’re guessing a busy businesswoman, a rugged man, and horses, and checking the trailer, we’re not wrong. And let’s close in the happiest of places, and we say this unironically, Dollywood. Dolly Parton is having one hell of a 2020 (and there’s nothing wicked about it)–saving us from a Pandemic, while releasing a new Christmas LP, and not one, but two Christmas specials. On CBS’ A Holly Dolly Christmas, the sweetest septuagenarian Country singer and American icon, wends her way through her new record, while telling stories in between songs.

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