What To Watch: 12/01/2020

Here at Screen Scholars, we’re all about letting Rudolph play whatever reindeer games his heart desires–hell, even if he wants to rent Reindeer Games, the critically skewered Ben Affleck action film from 2000, well, that’s up to him. Disney’s got the classic 1964 stop-motion special tonight. Speaking of special Christmas memories, head to Netflix if you want to nostalgia-bask in a new batch of favorite Christmas flicks.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [CBS, 8p]
Rip this tradition from my cold dead hands, AppleTV!

The Holiday Movies That Made Us [Netflix]

Natalie Palamides: Nate – A One Man Show [Netflix]
You may recognize Palamides as the woman as sarcastic, nasally voiced (or woman who is not Flo) in the Progressive Insurance ads. Well, actually you may NOT recognize her as she will mostly be in costume as Nate–a masculine man coming to grips with his sensitive side–as whom she’s been touring the country. 


  • Nev and Kamie continue to track the misadventures of those seeking love in the age of internet as Catfish: The TV Series resumes its eighth season on MTV with the story of Eric & “Lianna.”
  • We have yet to talk much about the Kevin Hart-hosted all-star game show Celebrity Game Face on E! which brings back the classic 1970s trope of couples games. This week is as good a place as any to start with a nice panel including Joel McHale, wrestler The Miz, and New Girl‘s Winston, Lamorne Morris.
  • While it’s the worst time ever to take a cruise (and it’s never been a good time to work on one), you can live the life of luxury vicariously through the Smithsonian (or at least marvel at the majesty of their vessels) as they air Mighty Cruise Ships. It’s part of the venerable archival society’s “Stuff What Is Mighty” series.
  • As for the rest of the Christmas story: for kids, we have Netflix’s animated Angela’s Christmas Wish where a little girl goes to supernatural lengths in an attempt to reunite her fam. Over on OWN, Ne-Yo and Boyz II Men join a slate of traditional gospel stars for a yuletide tribute to the musical style, Our OWN Christmas. And not a single new movie peep from Lifetime or Hallmark–a Christmas miracle?

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