What To Watch: 11/30/2020

It’s a light Monday night in Televisionville–we even hold back to two recommendations (and one is more due to a Mr. Sparkle situation), so let’s leap right in.

His Dark Materials [HBO, 9p]
Lyra ignores the Alethometer, which is dumb, because it’s always right, putting herself and Will in danger. And I know how this thing ends, so that’s not good. Come on, Lyra!

Finding Agnes [Netflix]
This Filipino road drama about an entrepreneur on his way to Morocco to come to terms with his mother’s life and to meet his sister looks promising, but my main reason for choosing it (beyond it being a relatively quiet TV night) is the protagonist. The round-faced balding man has a very strong “me” vibe going on, right down to his dress choice of collared shirt under pullover sweater–that’s MY signature look that I can’t believe I’m owning! 


  • The folks at Walt’s house want you to open up and sing its company’s Christmas-themed songs with its assemblage of celebrities for ABC’s The Disney Holiday Singalong. Actually, they probably don’t care that much what you do as long as you tune your set–for the select few who still indeed “tune” their “sets”–to ABC.
  • It’s hard for us to see a Keith Morrison show listed and not think of Bill Hader’s goofy, but loving impression of the affable, but macabre journalist. Today, the host takes us back to the late-1960s reign of terror of serial killer John Norman Chapman, dubbed the Ypsilanti Killer and the (tres unoriginal) Co-Ed Killer, with Murder in Ypsilanti:Keith Morrison Investigates on ID.
  • MTV continues to bring the practical jokes and viral whoopsies as Ridiculousness opens its 19th season of hip goofery.
  • Netflix import A Love So Beautiful tells the story of Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen from their early friendship as children as they grow up and inevitably in love over the course of 23 episodes in a series that was tremendously popular in its Chinese homeland.
  • And it’s beginning to look… less… like Christmas? Our only two new helpings of Holiday cheer come in the form of Lifetime’s The Christmas Listing (guess its plot, c’mon, guess–damn, you’re good!) and the Nashville-centric CMA Country Christmas on ABC hosted by Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins and featuring Florida-Georgia Line, which excites us as we might finally figure out who they are.

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