What To Watch: 11/29/2020

Errol Morris may not be Alex Gibney in terms of prolificity, he puts out an impressive stream of powerful documentaries. Tonight on Showtime, Morris explores the mysteries surrounding notorious counter-culture hero Timothy Leary’s curious turn to government informant. Also tonight: burgers, empires, millionaires, and for a fourth time (fifth if you count the movie), actions will have consequences for the men and women whose stories are entwined within a few hundred miles of a small city in South Dakota.

My Psychedelic Love Story [Showtime, 9p]
Joanna Harcourt-Smith was Timothy Leary’s ex-girlfriend and is the subject of Errol Morris’ new documentary. If you want an interesting perspective on the Golden Age of LSD this is for you. America is beginning to change its views of psychedelic drugs and this film could be enlightening.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? [ABC, 9p]
David Chang and a therapist are in the Hot Seat with Jimmy tonight.

Fargo [FX, 10p]
Tonight’s the night when all the storms come together and we find out which characters meet their untimely (or in many cases, quite timely) demise and who are the name-changed survivors who make it to 1951. We’re hoping Ethelrida and Satchel (and of course his little dog) get pulled out of the wreckage. Actually, after last weeks bloody episode, there aren’t that many main characters left standing. 


  • While Moonbase 8 seems a much more likely candidate for Adult Swim and the stars–especially Tim Heidecker–are no stranger to that network, the quirky space comedy (which is at least the third such this year) finds itself on Showtime. This week the show takes on Elon Musk and we’re always here for a good tearing apart of Space Trump.
  • Empires of New York profiles five of the most absolute craptastic icons of this website’s hometown–two of whom are still somehow relevant and holding the fate of our country hostage as we write this. Thankfully, they’re also incompetent, but that’s not the point. Seriously, Leona Helmsley is only the second worst of the bunch, and she slapped her employees. This docu-series is on CNBC. Please don’t judge our city based on Trump, Rudolph Guiliani, Leona Helmsley, John Gotti, and Ivan Boesky.
  • We’d rather spend our night celebrating the glory of a show that rose from Philly public access to become an R&B phenomenon. Tonight, for the 34th year, the entity doles out its awards to stars of the African American community with The 2020 Soul Train Awards on BET.
  • Let’s wrap this up with the Christmas round-up (heh, we said “wrap” cuz Christmas–our brain tired). Vanessa Lachey and Generic Handsome White Guy star in Once Upon a Main Street where they compete for the same storefront in Wholesome Town, USA, and, get this: their fate will be decided by Bobby Ewing himself, Patrick Duffy as a religious elder. Over in Hallmark-land, we find Candace Cameron Bure and Different Generic Handsome White Guy in which a busy businesswoman goes back to… and our fingers just refused to keep typing. But they’ll let us write that the title is If I Only Had Christmas. It’s the absolute least our 10 judgmental digits could do.

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