What To Watch: 11/28/2020

Saturday, when there is no SNL is all about romance and murder–and that’s also represented by the TV viewing. However, this week, while there is indeed no SNL, there are plenty of camera-ready canines to spy, and J Peterman will let us know which ones the judges have decided are good dogs, are very good dogs!

National Dog Show 2020 [NBC, 8p]
My family never lets me watch the Dog Show on Thanksgiving, because The Godfather is on, but the dog show makes me so happy. It’s so boring and so pleasant as puppies prance around like the good boys and girls they are. The joy of a distant holiday is I can watch it, uninterrupted, during primetime.

The Uncanny Counter [Netflix]
This South Korean sci-fi battle show follows a misfit high schooler who discovers his inner strength and is recruited into a secret team of demon hunters, like ya do.


  • Leading our Christmas round-up, it’s Lifetime’s gleefully named Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding which is apparently a sequel, and like its original it stars destiny’s second best child, Kelly Rowland. Lacy Chabert and Will Kemp join forces to dance their way to Christmas in Christmas Waltz which at least three-steps slightly to the left of the Hallmark Christmas formula. Over on Hallmark Movie Network, USS Christmas places Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan on a warship where they–and we’re going out on a limb here–fall in love while discovering the true meaning of Christmas?
  • It’s not necessarily murder, but murder adjacent, over on the Lifetime Movie Network as Brittany disappears just as she is re-connecting with the mother who gave her up for adoption in Finding My Daughter. However, it’s all about the murder with ID’s Who Killed The Lyon Sisters? which is pretty much what the title implies.

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