What To Watch: 11/25/2020

Whether it’s Feast-eve or just another Wednesday night in quarantine for you this year, tonight’s viewing runs the gamut. Even one of our editors is torn between a critically feted smart comedy and the reboot of a classic bit of 1990s high school silliness. We’ve also got Mexican wrestlers and a new look at one of American history’s juiciest mysteries.

Happiest Season [Hulu]
In this groundbreaking LGBT-themed holiday movie Abby (played by Kristin Stewart) plans on proposing to her girlfriend Harper while visiting her family for Christmas. Only problem is Harper hasn’t come out yet to her family. Luckily, her BFF John (Dan Levy) is there to save the day. Besides a heartfelt holiday tale, I’m looking forward to getting a lil fix for my Eww David withdrawal while also seeing my fave, Aubrey Plaza. Wow, Christmas really has come early.

Saved By The Bell [Peacock]
If you ever wondered what happened to the beloved bayside teens of the 90s, Peacock has an answer. In the latest reboot we see some of the old guard all grown up–former bad boy Zach Morris is now governor of California (which would baffle me except stranger things have happened in 2020), pretty-boy Slater is now a gym teacher at the alma mater and Jessie finds herself a guidance counselor. The alumni crew find themselves in a culture clash when they are assigned buddies who are new transfers from the other side of the valley. PSA messages on economic disparity ensue. Will the new “woke” reboot manage to make the mark? Time will tell.

Heroes of Lucha Libre [Crackle]
This 11-part scripted series stars professional luchadores Rey Mysterio Jr., Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas Jr., Alushe, Dragon Lee, and Blue Demon, giving them the same treatment as the stars of the WWE in America.

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper [HBO, 9p]
Focusing on 4 suspects and capturing the mood of the seventies, this 4 part doc series may help you view the famous skyjacking story in a new light. If nothing else it will give you enough disco vibes to get you through.


  • Paul Bettany portrays a middle-aged man in 1973 whose hand is forced vis-a-vis coming out to his family when his lover Walid shows up at his father’s funeral in Uncle Frank. The movie was written and directed by Six Feet Under and True Blood creator Alan Ball, so expect at least a little quirky darkness and/or surrealism. It’s one of the many flicks that was expected to hit movie theaters, but finds itself on streaming b/c people can’t be bothered to wear masks. In this case, it’s on Amazon Prime.
  • Our 52nd President, Taylor Swift, takes us behind-the-scenes on her critically lauded indie pop-leaning folklore, with the Disney+ doc folklore: the long pond studio sessions.
  • For some less known, hard-working worthy women, check out the NBC special Women of Worth hosted by Eva Longoria.

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