What To Watch: 11/23/2020

The Devil comes in many disguises. As we have learned in the last few years, some of them aren’t even really disguises, but that’s not why we typed that. It’s a line from the new FX/BBC America mini-series featuring the final performance from Dame Diana Rigg, and clearly our top choice for tonight’s viewing.

Black Narcissus [FX, 8p]
FX airs all three episodes of this limited series adaptation of Rumer Godden’s best-selling novel, written by Amanda Coe and directed by Charlotte Bruus Christensen. Set in the Himalays in 1934, young nuns face “the mysteries of the past and present” (ghosts! colonialism! dark forces! the idea that the British don’t need to rule everything! Donald Trump eventually coming to power! I assume, I didn’t read the book.) It looks like the second season of American Horror Story if it was less camp and more a reflection of the time.

Independent Lens: Belly of the Beast [PBS, 10p]
Eugenics has been a dirty word since the end of the Second World War, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not around in some insidious corners. This documentary examines how eugenics is being implemented in California prisons today.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life [The CW, 8p]
I was always down for the lyrical banter of mother Lorelei and daughter Rory back in the day, but never did catch this 2016 reboot when it was on Netflix. This might be why I’m excited for its network TV debut, even though the reviews were not overly compelling. But did the Gilmore Guys like it?

  • Just 22, Shawn Mendes has ascended from Vine{RIP} star to notch Billboard Top 10 hits. His Netflix special Shawn Mendes: In Wonder highlights the singer/songwriter’s shiny brand of folksy pop music.
  • The whimsical adventures of Lyra, Will, and the Magisterium are well underway as they try to figure out just who and/or what is behind the ills of the universe as we are now two episodes into the second season of HBO’s His Dark Materials
  • Tonight’s Hallmark offering is Heart of the Holidays which features a driven career woman who reluctantly returns to her hometown, only to crash into her high school boyfriend, yadda, yadda, yadda, Christmas. Will they together find love an what really matters? Wait, I’m pretty sure this was the plot of yesterday’s movies [it was]. It’s almost as if these movies have a formula or something. Wonder if anyone has noticed?

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