What To Watch: 11/19/2020

As the chronicles of Sam and Dean come to an end after 15 years on The CW, you’re probably either devastated at having to say goodbye to two dear friends or quietly stunned that the show is tied for the tenth longest running show of all time (with CSI, ER, Criminal Minds, and The Jack Benny Program). Also tonight, there’s a ton of intriguing features from overseas, including a dark comedy co-written and starring a favorite companion of a certain British Doctor.

Supernatural [The CW, 9p]
We’ve travelled with the Winchester Bros for 15 seasons and 326 episodes, and what a journey it’s been. But the trip is ending tonight. It’s impossible to sum up such a long running show in one final episode, but it’s called “Carry On” and I have a feeling these wayward sons will do just that.

I Hate Suzie [HBO Max]
Doctor Who‘s Billie Piper and Succession writer Lucy Prebble previously collab’d for TV almost a decade ago on the well-reviewed but lightly watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Their latest holds promise for success on both ends as Piper stars in this dark comedy as a an actress whose life is upended when steamy tapes pop up online. 

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
After years of running things from behind the scenes and in the shadows, Dina gets to run the store.


  • In what should be one satisfying revenge thriller, Sally Lindsey is June, a Manchester housewife who, after being swindled of her life’s savings by a phone scammer (and after her life takes a couple other sideways turns), decides to make things right by going all “specific set of skills” on her swindlers. Cold Call debuts today on Sundance Now.
  • On a somewhat lighter note, and in a title that at least one of our editors both loves and hates, UMC debuts For The Love of Jason, a dramedy featuring Trell Woodberry, a 30-something single African American man (presumably named Jason) who dips his toes into the dating scene.
  • On a yet even lighter note, there’s the Netflix rom-com sequel that’s also a Christmas movie. The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again switches again like they did two Winters ago (like they did two years ago). Vanessa Hudgins is again both prince and pauper in this latest take on the Twain classic.
  • HBO Max debuts the Spanish biopic Veneno, based on the memoir of transgender TV legend Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez. The Spanish-language scripted series tells its story through the lens of a fan who sets out with her best friend on a quest to meet the star.
  • Those twisted minds behind the long-running animated series drop Adventure Time: Distant Lands Obsidian, the latest special of the animate surreal swords-and-sandals take.
  • A director takes a close-up look at one of his classics in the Shudder documentary Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist.
  • Speaking of frightening television (and a cheap segue/shot if ever there was one), MTV shows us its moneymaker with the fourth season debut of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. This season, Snooki will not be joining them (and The Situation was never a part of this spin-off), but JWoww, Pauly D, and the rest are up for more craziness, but this time the hijinks are more of the low-key variety as even the Jersey Shore knows to respect the Pandemic.

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