What To Watch: 11/18/2020

An international thriller, an Alex Gibney/HBO documentary, a rapper’s deep dive into the world of Mary Jane, and the reunion of a classic 1990s including its now A-List star lead our recommendations for Wednesday night viewing.

No Man’s Land [Hulu]
In his search to find his missing sister in Syria a man joins a unit of female Kurdish soldiers, traveling through ISIS-occupied territory with them.

Crazy, Not Insane [HBO, 9p]
Prolific doc director digs deep into the creepy world of Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis, a psychologist who examines the minds of serial killers

Smoke: Marijuana + Black America [BET, 10p]
Now, more than ever, as weed comes out of the shadows in a race towards full legality, it’s an important time to look at the racist legacy of how it was used to help cement a reimagined era of Jim Crow. Nas produced this documentary that features interviews with everyone from Ty Dolla Sign to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (whose connection to the topic is beyond complicated). 



  • Even if you never were a fan of the classic ’90s sitcom about the Philadelphia kid who weekly insulted a cab driver, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion on HBO Max may still hold some interest given its titular rapper-turned-leading-man will be there after over 20 years (and running) on Hollywood’s A-List. Also, the Carlton is just a staple of American culture.
  • Spain can play the grim and gloomy antihero police detective haunted by one case a season game as Bitter Daisies returns on Netflix for a second season. It stars Maria Mera as rookie (well, now probably sophomore) officer Rosa Vargas, who may or may not be in over her head.
  • Wrongfully convicted family man Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) continues to fight for freedom–both his own and his prisonmates’–as the second season of the solid, if unabashedly tear-jerker For Life opens tonight.
  • The appropriately named narrator and central figure of Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas offers a little Christmas for those who need it just this very minute. The uplifting special drops today on Netflix.

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