What To Watch: 11/17/2020

So, the Star Wars Holiday Special–the hour-long 1978 space opera variety show so bad George Lucas actively bought up copies of to eradicate any remnant of its existence–is apparently ironically cool now. Or maybe unironically? We don’t even know anymore. In any case, it’s getting a LEGO makeover, so that’s a can’t-miss. The LEGO Incredible Hulk will not be presented this evening. Meanwhile, the surprising return of scripted shows continues unabated, including our lead recommendation, an ABC drama with a fantastic pedigree.

Big Sky [ABC, 10p]
Ryan Phillippe stars in this series from David E. Kelly’s which gives sanitized-Twin Peaks vibes.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special [Disney+]
Life Day is still a thing! The much maligned, but still cult favorite Star Wars Holiday Special is getting the LEGO treatment. The password is Disney+. This special has everything. Lando, Ackbar, Vader, Ewoks. It has Max Rebo. It’s that thing where a small blue elephant looking alien plays the keyboard.

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given [Netflix]
While he’s not immune from saying some dumb shit, Kevin Hart is still one of the funniest humans in America. His latest special promises more of the same.


  • There’s not just one program inspired by one of 1977’s biggest hits. Netflix’s We Are The Champions, hosted by Rainn Wilson, showcases competitions from six unlikely worlds–cheese rolling, dog dancing, frog jumping, fantasy hairstyling, chili eating, and yo-yo (no one tell Tommy Smothers).
  • Who knew that the story of a baby who was also a boss would have such staying power. Perhaps creator Tom McGrath, but did even he know? The Boss Baby: Back in Business returns for a fourth season on Netflix today.
  • Procedurals continue to return in the eye of the Pandemic’s storm as tonight we have the return of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and NCIS, all on, where else but CBS.

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