What To Watch: 11/16/2020

BATTLEBEARS!!!! That’s all we have to say!

Her Dark Materials [HBO, 9p]
HDM filmed season two immediately after it finished season one, meaning no one has to wait to see The Subtle Knife, the best of the original trilogy by Philip Pullman (THERE’S A SEQUEL TRILOGY!!), committed to screen. When we last saw Will and Lyra, Will was in danger (a perpetual quandary), Roger had been murdered, and Lord Asriel had disappeared into the Northern Lights in pursuit of other lands. Lyra is a heroine we don’t deserve–not twenty years ago, and certainly not now–but I am so glad to have her in these frustrating times. If HBO and BBC have any brains at all they’ll greenlight the next trilogy, since it sees Lyra after her education at Oxford.

While The Rest of Us Die: Secrets of America’s Shadow Government [Vice, 10p]
Ever wondered what the government’s plans are for doomsday disasters? You may want to tune in to Vice tonight for this adaptation of a Garrett Graff book. Narrated by Jeffery Wright, this new documentary series will take a deep dive into secret government plans. I totally expect to have nightmares after watching.

Holiday Baking Championship [Food, 9p]
I’m not usually the one to rec baking shows, but I’m all strung out on bingeing this season of Great British Bake-Off and need more, more, more!



  • The 12th Precinct’s Sgt. Harris’ fictional best-seller comes to life as the new TV One movie Blood On Her Badge–and if you get that reference, you’re probably even older than the person writing this. Like the fictional memoir, this story comes from a cop’s true life experiences as she becomes too entangled with a lover who clouds her judgement.
  • CBS definitely has a type when it comes to sitcoms–no concept too big–and its two well-meaning(?) but vaguely problematic race-relations projects return today, with Bob Hearts Abishola returns for a second season and The Neighborhood turns three tonight (they grow up so fast).
  • If you like CBS’ quirky law dramas, you’re also in luck tonight as Bull somehow survives to a fifth season, debuting tonight–this is in spite of many rumors of its star’s toxicity. We’re not sure the featurette we hyperlinked does him any favors. Meanwhile, the slightly more appealing All Rise makes its way back for a second season.

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