What To Watch: 11/15/2020

Royalty, murders, intrigue, betrayal, hip-hop history, and a lot of Christmas. That’s what you get if you mash all of tonight’s shows into one Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster of Sunday night viewing, and while the sum of all that would be the best late night Adult Swim show ever, we are content with a smorgasbord of delicious comfort TV parts.

The Crown [Netflix]
Finally, the moment all of us, well Gen Xers, have been waiting for… The Era of Diana. We’ve grown up alongside her and her children and followed the tabloids of her fairytale princess wedding but now, now we get to experience what it was like having Queen Elizabeth as a MIL. The tension. This season which covers 1979-1990 is all about the women in power as we also see the introduction of the first ever female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher played by one of my faves, Gillian Anderson. Having two strong-willed women who did not always agree is sure to cause some interesting rifts. It’s already giving me The Real Housewives of British Royalty realness. But I am intrigued to see how all these dynamic relationships play out in what is called the most tumultuous years of the Queen’s reign: the 80s.

Murder on Middle Beach [HBO, 10p]
This four-part docuseries from first-time filmmaker Madison Hamburg follows his efforts to solve his mother’s 2010 murder.

Desus & Mero: DMFM: The Home of Boom Bap [Showtime, 10p]
The legendary hip-hop DJs and most excellent TV hosts give themselves up to being two old fools for the old school, giving thanks and praise to early rap music and culture, especially that of its birthplace and their home base, NYC.

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Big bad Virginia has done a hell of a job breaking our group of survivors apart the past two seasons, but now they are fighting back and the season is going to get really interesting really fast. This franchise still has a lot of life.



  • We’ve hit the grim nadir of the Fargo year when everyone is awful and it’s just a countdown to whatever terrible fate they inexorably face — but it’s well-written darkness. We do hope Ethelrita gets pulled out of the fire.
  • At first glance, we hoped that Candy Land, the Food Network’s newest show would send ordinary people to wander through Cupcake Commons and scale Chocolate Mountain. It’s just another sweets show, not that there’s anything wrong with that. A plus: its host is Kristin Chenoweth, which seems almost too on-brand.
  • With three shows and counting, AMC will continue to bring out its dead as long as it’s profitable, and along with the new FtWD, there’s the seventh episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond where according to its synopsis “the group searches for something that will help their quest.” You know, that episode.
  • If there were not a time we’re not really in the mood for a biography of the man whose administration kind of paved the way for the current outgoing wannabe autocrat, but if you’re feeling like going back to the 1980s in the worst possible way, Showtime has a mini-series about The Reagans.
  • The new Christmas movies are rolling out fast and furious and include Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas, HMM’s The Christmas Decor, Lifetime’s The Christmas Edition, and UP’s Misteltoe Magic.

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