What To Watch: 11/10/2020

Tuesday’s here, so it’s time to bring your coat and leave the comfort of your giant bucket. By which we mean sit on your couch and devour some new content that the TV has TV’d. Here’s what we might suggest, if we may be so bold…

A Teacher [Hulu]
Kate Mara channels her inner-Mary LeTourneau for this dark miniseries about a predatory teacher who becomes intimately involved with one of her students, and the big little web of lies that the illicit affair touches off. 

The Cost of Winning [HBO, 9p]
This docuseries follows Baltimore’s St. Frances Academy’s football team, which was expelled from its league for being “too good.” (scare quotes intended)

Swamp Thing [The CW, 8p]
If you were one of the few who watched this series when it debuted on the DC Universe streaming service, chances are you like the show. If you weren’t then now’s the chance to experience this new take on a classic DC character both steeped in mysticism and horror. This may be a network friendlier version of the character then we got with Alan Moore, but still worth checking out.



  • Hulu’s latest romantic YA drama Dash & Lily tells the tale of the titular teens’ flirtation and with fewer references to parental incineration and colon blood than Lily’s meet-much-less-cute with Jim (and with that, Screen Scholars has now exceeded our Don Hertzfeldt reference limit — bad Screen Scholars, bad, bad Screen Scholars). This series is adapted from David Levithan & Rachel Cohn’s popular 2010 novel Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares which told the titular tale, and we hear, in a first, New York City could be considered a CHARACTER in the goings on.
  • Having read multiple articles and watched the trailer for its second season, we’ll admit, we’re not entirely sure what’s the deal with TLC’s reality burner Welcome To Plathville except that there is a set of 40-something parents in rural Georgia with a lot of children in various stages of dependence and estrangement. Imagine a family of Kenneths the Page, but with fewer yuks. And, why, yes, they DO know the Duggar Family.
  • Quirky treasure hunters on an island with a mythology and an ever-present set of curious, supernatural occurrences sounds like the backdrop for dark fiction, more than a reality show going into its long-awaited 8th season. History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island returns to the enchanted island off Nova Scotia tonight.

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