What To Watch: 11/09/2020

As we ease back into a feeling of normalcy, it may all be a bit much, so to ease back into a world where our President does not insult people in the middle of the night on social media, we’d like to let you in on some new options if you feel like giving your Monday to that binge you’ve so so earned.

Industry [HBO, 10p]
If Gen Z is looking to assert themselves into popular culture, this youthful take on Succession or Billions might be the series to do that. A group of recent graduates compete for status in a London based company.

Christmas Cookie Challenge [Food, 10p]
Tis! The! Season! Season five brings five bakers to mix-and-match character cookies and craft 3-D display. Host Eddie Drummond is joined by co-host Ree Drummond. 😦

Undercover [Netflix]
Ecstasy kingpin Ferry Bouman suddenly finds himelf enmeshed in a multitude of trouble in this Dutch crime thriller somewhere between The Sopranos and Ozark which promises more grit, grime, and double-crosses in Season 2.

  • Environmental consultant Kate Ryan returns to her Irish hometown with plans to sell them on a wind farm in the new Acorn series, The South Westerlies. Of course any well-drawn plans will be derailed by a sea of memories, conflicts, and her ex- in this drama whose trailer is bathed in soaring, inspirational cues.
  • John Oliver said it best on such events, but 2020 Miss USA is on tonight on FYI, FYI.
  • More reminders that things are not immediately fixed with the defeat of Donald Trump — HGTV has a show called Bargain Mansions and it returns tonight. Interior designer Tamara Day hosts and you surely already know if you like it or not.
  • Let’s leave it on a sweeter note: if Katherine’s recommended competitive cookie treat is not enough for you, the Food Network also brings back The Big Bake: Holiday tonight.

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