What To Watch: 11/08/2020

As Semisonic once crooned, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. We’re still not sure what they meant by that melodic aphorism, but would you believe they have a new album out this year? 2020, amirite? Today’s a day of many finales and one major new beginning amid a week that at one point looked like it might be the series finale of American Democracy. We’re back in 5… 4…

Moonbase 8 [Showtime, 11p]
Is there such a thing as a mediocre astronaut? If there is then it would be hilarious if you put them in a test environment and had them vie for a chance to go to the moon. And if you made a show about it? Well Fred Armisen and John C Riley should star (also Tim Heidecker aka Tim & Eric‘s Tim). Welcome to Moonbase 8. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire [ABC, 9p]
Joel McHale and a food truck owner compete for the million-dollar prize.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [HBO, 11p]
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the dawn of a new era, and we suspect newly minted American voter John Oliver might have some thoughts on this week’s news. And to those of you who might ask that stupid question about losing the easy target of terrible Presidents, he addressed that last week, and he famously never wanted to talk about Trump in the first place. Now he can get back to municipal taxes and chicken farming — you know, the good stuff!


  • According to the official synopsis of this week’s episode of the Chris Rock season of Fargo, “Loy plays with fire, Josto wears his heart on his sleeve.” Hopefully, neither of these is literal as the former is ill-advised and the latter nasty — and neither would advance the plot which is heating up in a surprisingly good chapter of the midwest-themed FX anthology filled with funny-looking people.
  • Heads continue to hang lowly on the various iterations of AMC’s signature show about going walking after the ultimate midnight. First on Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan takes one of his famous stands, while on The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the latest newcomer arrives with a tale to tell — could be good, could be bad, but either way, they’re all gonna die, because that’s the grim world we lived in. Now, had they voted for Kodos…
  • Speaking of which, over on Fox, a femme fatale joins the ranks of Princess Jasmine, Lurleen Lumpkin, and Mindy Simmons — that of potential seductresses who have learned the brutal truth that on The Simpsons, [Spoiler Alert, Question Mark] Homer’s love and affection will always return to Marge. Meanwhile, on Bob’s Burgers, there’s the always fun TV Trope of a time capsule.
  • Nothing could lower our level of excitement for John Heilemann, Alex Wagner, and Mark McKinnon’s special take on elections and the political world in general as we reach the finale of Season 5 for HBO’s The Circus. [Spoiler Alert, Exclamation Point] The good guys win!
  • If you love crime-solving, jazz, and Scott Bakula (necessarily in that order), but wish you could see them responsibly sporting PPE and social distancing, you’re in luck because the seventh (we checked and we’re shocked too) season of NCIS: New Orleans will certainly have that. While you’re on CBS, you can also check out Chris O’Donnell, LL as well, on the 12th Season drop of NCIS: Los Angeles, the timing depends on how long the footballing between the New Orleans Saints (fitting) and Tampa Bay Bradys goes.
  • There’s never a Masterpiece shortage on PBS, where the British drama flows freely with a pair of Conservative MPs on new episodes of Roadkill, where Hugh Laurie plays the ideological opposite of Veep‘s Tom James and has he got troubles in this David Hare-scripted series, and COBRA, where Robert Carlyle is bedeviled by riots.
  • Stephen Colbert and his team of creatives have a decision to make, but it’s one they are likely relieved to be faced with. Given that it’s animation, the 5th Season’s finale of Showtime’s Our Cartoon President likely was written long ago (but maybe not). However, given the ending the American people scripted for Donald Trump, the show has to decide where to go with the Showtime series now that the village has kicked out its idiot.
  • Later on Showtime, John Brown’s Army is about to fulfill its destiny by storming Harpers Ferry’s armory on the critically beloved The Good Lord Bird.

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