What To Watch: 08/10/2020

We here at Screen Scholars are so tired of American people and our own foibles that there’s none to be had in our rec’s tonight — only Brits and sharks need apply today:

The Other One [Acorn]
I’m always game for a good secret family/odd couple Britcom, and while the trailer for this one suggests a more universal spirit that lands somewhere between This Is Us and Sisters, there are enough laughs and manic madcap moments in the preview to make it worth a shot.

Jaws Awakens [Discovery, 8p]
It’s the largest male great white shark in the world, his name is Fred, and he’s swimming right in the middle of Shark Week.

I May Destroy You [HBO, 9p]
Arabella hatches a new plan when her investigation hits a snag. Terry reluctantly bankrolls it. I May Destroy You has had a healthy buzz and now may be the time to discover what everyone is talking about.



  • 30 Rock writers with recurring roles John Lutz and Paula Pell work together to bring you bite-sized parodies of haughty British detective tales with Mapleworth MurdersThe adjective before “parodies” should hint to you that it’s a Quibi creation.
  • We’re not exactly sure what the Crossover Event Netflix is advertising is actually all about, but we do know that Game On includes the casts of Mr. IglesiasAshley Garcia: Genius in Love, Family Reunion, and The Big Show Show doing something. It might be some old school show swapping or a very disappointing Battle of the Network Stars reboot. Watch and see.
  • Fins to the right, fins to the left and Discovery’s the only bait in town. It’s Shark Week which means incredible titles like ShaqAttack — featuring the iconic basketballer and the similarly named Shaquille O’Seal — and standard teeth-barin’ fare like Great White Double Trouble.

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