What To Watch: 08/09/2020

As Ethan Hawke’s abolitionist bird flies South for what will now be a Fall debut, we now get a British import . However, there’s also returning Brits, a whole lot os sharks, and Lifetime takes its own brand of look at the pedophilic sword hanging over politicians and celebrities of all swipe, including our current President.

We Hunt Together [Showtime, 10p]
This dark drama earned a surprisingly large new U.S. audience after Ethan Hawke’s drama got pushed back to October. It features a crime spree from both the side of the detectives investigating and the unlikely pair that are committing the crime.

NOS4A2 [AMC, 10p]
Last week we saw Bing pay the price for betraying Manx. What we don’t know is the extent of the cost. We will find out what that was in then latest episode of NOS4A2. Also Vic and Chris use the Shorter Way.



  • Morse-y babies continues on for a seventh series on PBS, as Endeavour and his pals attempt to solve the Mystery of the Oxford Towpath.
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Shark Week, everywhere you lurk. Well on Discovery anyway. First, there’s Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach-Off. This is followed by the problematic-sounding Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef. The magical night ends with the network’s two tentpoles combining forces for Shark Lockdown.
  • While Bravo’s roots were in opera and other cultural fare, the channel is now more known for drama revolving around women who like to throw wine. However, tonight the network explores the real world drama of systemic racism with Race In America: A Movement Not A Moment.


  • Party girls Sarah and Rachel look for animated fun times in their Australian hometown on YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, and it’s on Adult Swim, so you know it will be well, Adult Swim-y.
  • History channel actually gets somewhat close to its mission, albeit offering up doomed world porn, with Apocalypse Earth — which presents multiple ways the world could end — with a bang, whimper, or Republican bill.
  • Speaking of worlds ending and Republicans (although at least one prominent Democratic legend is caught up in this), we close with Lifetime yet again, as it rips from one of the biggest headlines for its second installment in its Surviving… series, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein — a dramatic 4-part documentary about the hedge fund manager whose depraved private island was said to host underage orgies (aka “rape”) along with famous people ranging from a former skeezy Presdient to the current skeezy President.



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