What To Watch: 08/05/2020

Yes, we know that coroners are flawed (we saw the John Oliver deep dive also), but in days of quarantine living, a brooding crime tale is often helpful to pass the time. Speaking of quarantine life, MTV’s got an intriguing look into recent stories from our times inside.

Coroner [The CW]
The name of this Canadian procedural starring Serinda Swan pretty much says it all. If you need slightly more info, she’s also recently widowed. That she solves crimes way more than any coroner has in history is a given. It’s also great for Pandemic programming as it already has two seasons under its belt.

World’s Most Wanted [Netflix]
This six-part series looks at the world’s most wanted fugitives. Félicien Kabuga, the chief financier of the Rwandan genocide, was caught in May.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC, 10p]
Sybil and Nathaniel continue to try and mess with the timeline in order to usher in a dark future and, as usual, it’s up to the agents to stay one step ahead. To paraphrase Bill Murray, “no one messes with the timeline in my town.”



  • Remember when people used to complain about how MTV used to play videos — those were the days. Tonight’s debuts could be one of the network’s docu-reality gems as True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories examines the lives of multiple people going through life-changing moments while stuck inside due to the Pandemic, including the couple above who are expecting their first child.
  • It’s paired with the return of one of MTV’s most polarizing shows, Catfish: The Series, which may have stretched the premise of the admittedly excellent 2010 documentary to its farthest limits. The press boasts it’s the series’ first ever virtual episode, but isn’t the fact that it happens on the internet the whole point of this phenomenon.
  • Speaking of drawn out reality phenomena, the American version of Big Brother returns for its 22nd season, still hosted by Julie Chen — and the less said about her married name the better, and that’s definitely not a pun… Les Moonves is a monster who doesn’t deserve our light-hearted puns. Oh, it’s on CBS and it’s an all-star version.
  • However, the more said about Aparna Nancherla, the better. The drollest comic on Earth is one of the best reasons to watch the often very funny Corporate, which has a new episode tonight on Comedy Central. If you loved Better Off Ted, you should check this out.
  • Like many a B-list movie star, we end our journey on the Lifetime channel, but instead of a movie, we find its latest take on the reality series genre. Marrying Millions comes from the makers of the cult hit 90 Day Fiance, and either… let’s not do this. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We’re not saying it stars gold diggers — because that’s a mean phrase that demeans us all. Screen Scholars says good day, sirs (and madams).

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