What To Watch: 08/04/2020

Tonight Netflix unveils a new show that busts myths, but is not that show. Does it explain Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. While it should, we’ll leave that to HBO which documents his sycophantic efforts to please the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (no, seriously, check out the first couple seconds of the trailer). After watching those, you’ll need to laugh. Thankfully, one of comedy’s great new writers has her first special.

Mystery Lab [Netflix]
This show examines life’s mysteries or the ones that plagued you when you were nine, like the threat of global warming, the Bermuda Triangle, and the zombie apocalypse.

Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning [Netflix]
Stand-up Sam Jay only started her career as a comic eight years ago, but within five years, she was writing acclaimed sketches for SNL (where she still writes). Today, the very funny comedian gets her first hourlong special.

The Swamp [HBO, 9p]
It sometimes helps to know what makes evil tick — and yeah, I said evil. This HBO documents the rise of three Trumpy Congressman, focusing on Matt Gaetz, a man whose home Sunshine State would even call TOO Florida.



  • If you ever wondered what happened to creator of 1980s darkly existentialist teenage comedy classics Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, Savage Steve Holland, well, over 30 years later, he’s still in the same headspace although maybe softening it a bit for a younger audience, creating the Malibu Rescue series for Netflix. Its second movie Malibu Rescue: The Second Wave drops today.
  • A&E unleash their latest two reality gems — paired up nicely to start the 9:00 and 10:00 hours. First, it’s Jeff Foxworthy starring in What It’s Worth, where if youuu own junk whose hidden value you are unaware of, you just might be a contestant on this show, provided you are smarter enough than, say, a fifth grader. Then, it’s Extreme Unboxing, which is like Storage Wars, but held at an Odd Lots, as treasure hunters forage through busted-up boxes for junk whose hidden value its original owners were unaware of. We’d say A&E was lazy, but we just ended two clauses with prepositions.
  • Speaking of running out of id… we mean sticking with what works, Chopped Sweets — a Chopped offshoot that had its first season earlier this year — returns for a second run of shows. It’s hosted by Chef Jeff Conant, if that’s a selling point.
  • Also headed into its second season, Bravo’s Backyard Envy is pretty much what it sounds like. Where the first season apparently focused on the Manscapers creating boxes of beauty in an urban setting — their hometown of NYC, this season finds them moving out to the suburbs. Don’t anyone tell the President. Wait? what? Well, they’re white, but why should that matte…oooooh! See, it’s funny because the leader of our country is openly racist. Sigh, Screen Scholars needs a drink!


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