What To Watch: 08/03/2020

Aaaaand we’re back. There’s a definite thread running through our three picks — that of never afforded the luxury of feeling fully safe. Two of our rec’d titles tackle the current strive revolving around countries and their inability to provide fair and equal treatment to people who seek residence (and often safety) from another land. The third is a not-so-great reviewed Quibi take on one of the greatest programs in television history.

Immigration Nation [Netflix]
There is no more timely or important subject in America today as immigration. This new Netflix series tries to examine the nuances of the issue. As we face true racism in our government and are looking down the barrel of a presidential election that may help us overcome it, this series may help sway hearts and minds.

Invisible Stories [HBO Max]
This six-episode half-hour anthology drama follows immigrants in Singapore.

The Fugitive [Quibi]
I’m so fascinated by this concept — a remake of the classic 1960s thriller starring David Janssen now with Kiefer Sutherland, all told in Quibi-style 8-minute bites. That excitement may be dulled somewhat by the fact the best review I could find used it as an example of how the innovative (queeeestion mark?) network’s content is “meh and unessential.”



  • While the image above may look like Duck Dynasty meets Mythbusters (or Trump’s latest group of experts for Mars travel), Street Outlaws: Farmtruck or AZN highlights two particular members of the Discovery show’s coterie, pals Farmtruck and AZN (yes, those are people’s names), as they try to bait marks with fancy, souped up cars to race their deceptively ramshackle 1970 Chevy flatbed. Spoiler alert: the truck usually wins. America!
  • The image is also why we lead our rest-of-the-best column with this Discovery special and not the 31st Anual GLAAD Media Awards on Logo. Awards shows just don’t have great imagery for our purposes. However, we’ll bet there’s more overlap between these two shows than people might expect.
  • Quibi’s best show released today might be the docu-series Sex Next Door which seeks to demystify and destigmatize sex workers around the country.

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