What To Watch: 07/17/2020

New beginnings, Coulee endings, and problematic (but also fun) reunions. It’s Friday, looking forward to the weekend, but not really partying, and the one positive aspect of quarantine living: no one has to decide which seat will we take.

Cursed [Netflix]
What if the Arthurian legend was gender swapped? Watch Cursed and find out. Brought to you by comic legend and crazy man Frank Miller, Cursed might just be what you need.. if you’ve been wanting more 300 sequels.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 5 [VH1, 8p]
Even by RDR standards, this fifth season of all-star frivolity was filled with tea (and shade) right up to the brim with the two most recent episode eliminations stemming from a she-said, she-said between India Ferrah and Alexis Mateo (I’m #TeamAlexis, btw). In one way the remaining four queens are all winners; in a more real way, the versatile pageant queen-plus Shea Coulee should be the 17th American crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar next week.



  • It’s about as far from perfect timing for a 30 Rock reunion episode as the chickens of Tina Fey’s complicated relationship with racially tinged humor have come home to roost, but we still want to go to there anyway. It’s the lynchpin of the launching of NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, but that seems about as cursed as Jenna’s Macbeth sketch.
  • Now to people who deserve to truly be cancelled for racism, Hulu’s latest entry in its holiday themed horror tentpole, Into The Dark: The Current Occupant tackles Drumpf — while we’re not sure what is the holiday — we’re definitely all prepared for a searing take on that pile of garbage.
  • Legally undead FBI agent Emily Byrne returns to fighting crime in the gloomy moody world of Absentia. Its third season drops on Amazon Prime tonight.


  • In a way it’s both shocking and inevitable that there would be a Sims reality competition show, yet here we are with TBS unveiling The Sims Spark’d tonight.
  • A Brazilian party girl wakes up from a night of drinking having contracted a mysterious virus in the new Netflix import Kissing Game.
  • New Netflix documentary Father Soldier Son deals with pretty much what it sounds like it does, ten years in the life of a military family.

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