What To Watch: 07/10/2020

While we’re busy following the 1983 MWH mandate to dance if we want to, we will not be following their second decree of leaving you all behind. I mean, we’ve seen your dancing and it’s… meah!… but we still want to bring you the best options for crashing down on the couch and staring at a glowing rectangle.

Little Voice [Apple TV]
This “twee little fairy tale” follows “an aspiring singer-songwriter who tends bar, teaches music and walks dogs” in New York. Seemingly unrelated to the British comedy film from 1998, it comes from Sarah Bareilles and Jessie Nelson, who brought us the adaptation of Waitress on Broadway.

Palm Springs [Hulu]
Not all time-loop fiction can be Groundhog Day or Russian Doll, but hats of to the Lonely Island team for still making the trope seem fresh in this latest outing, a quirky romantic comedy and examination of boredom and routine — and what happens when something shakes that all up.

The New York Times Presents [FX, 10p]
One of the more cultured creations of the Quarantine Era, this anthology brought to us by the Big Apple’s Gray Lady opens today — fittingly with Zoom-presented tales of front line professionals doing their best to protect us, even when a large portion of our country has decided that if they don’t believe in the Pandemic, it won’t hurt them. As David Cross once said: “Are we a nation of six-year-olds? Answer: yes!”



  • Charlize Theron kicks some ass — but no word on the level of her bubblegum supply — in the get-the-gang-back-together Netflix mercenery action flick The Old Guard.
  • In The Twelve, another new Netflix original — albeit one that technically originated on Dutch TV — a jury deliberates the fate of a headmistress accused of crimes which we can presume could be described as “ghastly.”
  • If a week after finally seeing Lin-manuel Miranda’s modern-classic Broadway production you find you’re still amped up on Alexander Hamilton {i.e. if you just sang that last part in Miranda’s voice — as we did}, there’s more related content on Disney+ with Hamilton’s Got Its Eyes On You, featuring Robin Roberts interviewing members of the cast, including Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson, Renee Elise Goldberry, and others. And if you haven’t seen Hamilton yet and suspect the fuss is overblown — it’s not… watch it!
  • While the world, including Paris, may be close to literally burning right now, it’s a banner time for fans of drag and reality competition as Canada’s version of RuPaul’s Drag Race is now two weeks in, and America’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 5 has to heal wounds after one of Alexis Mateo and India Ferrah — the latter of whom was sent packing — was clearly lying. We’re siding with Mateo, and not just because of her stellar take on Walter Mercado, the Puerto Rican titan also immortalized in a new Netflix documentary.
  • Let’s close out this round-up as we like to, with Lifetime, which as if on cue presents another presentation from the random Lifetime title generator: Obsession: Stalked By A Lover. Which is either about a grandfather clock that comes to life and the grand adventures it has in 1936 Barcelona against the background of the rise of Franco and the gathering winds of WWII… or a woman stalked by an ex. We’re still holding out hope it’s the former.


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