What To Watch: 06/28/2020

It’s a lazy Sunday, posting in the late afternoon. There’s no shortage of new stuff to watch so like the 1990s 46th best third wave ska band, The Urge, we’re gonna jump on in.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark [HBO, 10p]
Michelle McNamara died in 2016 while working on her book about the Golden State Killer, a then-unidentified serial killer who stalked California from 1974-1986. Her terrific book was released posthumously in early 2018, months before the capture of Joseph James DeAngelo, who agreed two weeks ago to plead guilty to multiple counts of murder and abduction. McNamara researched the crimes obsessively, attempting to finish her book on time while trying to solve the crime, too. Tonight’s premiere is the beginning of a six-part series follows McNamara’s investigation while looking into her life as a writer, mother, and wife. The loss of McNamara is nothing short of tremendous, and Liz Garbus’s series is sure to show that.

Black Monday [Showtime, 8p]
We’re back for the second half of the second half of the goofiest, most 1980s TV series, a show so crazy they’re dropping a Halloween episode in June. Blair, Dawn, and Mo continue to scheme and double-cross in the post-crash market.

NOS4A2 [BBC/AMC, 10p]
So as the second season opened we had a time jump. Manx is dead.. Or is he? Vic doesn’t think so and is not about to risk the life of her child. Now the chase is on as Vic goes after Manx and Christmasland.



  • Reelz floors the Delorean to 88 miles per hour to go 35 years back into the past to look at the making of Back To The Future with the special Back To The Future: Behind The Scenes. Heavy! We’re gonna make like a tree, and go watch it.
  • The top accolades for African-American entertainment culture are given out tonight with the 2020 BET Awards.
  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks is essentially the all-stars competitive version of the regular Nat Geo show, and it returns for a 7th season tonight.
  • The Science Channel 2-hour special Lost Pyramids of the Aztec tells its own story pretty much in the title.
  • Let’s crash this preview section into the Lifetime Hallmark Vortex where the offering is on Hallmark Movie Network tonight and it’s Midway To Love where we’re going to guess the plot: a successful, but bored city woman reluctantly goes to the rural part of the country, maybe her home town, for some purpose where she unexpectedly meets a sweet guy who she first dismisses but with whom she slowly falls in love. Wow, we guessed right.

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