What To Watch: 06/25/2020

After (lightly) lamenting the slowly creeping lack of content due to COVID-19 quarantine, Peak TV shows us it’s not defeated yet as there’s quite the heaping helping of exciting new productions debuting today, mostly on streaming (with newly minted HBO Max especially killing it). We’ll start in the most quirky and twisted animated universe that does not have a talking pickle in it.


Adventure Time: Distant Lands–BMO [HBO Max]
We’ve hardly left the land of Ooo, but here we are, with a special two years later. Join BMO on his own little adventure in the first of three AT:DL specials.

Search Party [HBO Max]
I guess it’s a compliment to this unique dramedy that its second season ending both left me desperately hoping there would be a third and not wanting to ever feel that sort of fictional hopelessness again. Alia Shawkat has shined brightly through all the twists and turns as her Dory becomes more and more obsessed with her missing colleague enlisting her dutiful circle of friends (also terrific performances). Also, Louie Anderson joins the cast.

Doom Patrol [HBO Max/DC Universe]
The quirky super heroes are back for a second season — and they’ve moved to the HBO Max streaming service. As a fan of this type of genre fiction, it’s a pretty cool thing to be around when a TV show exists that’s as weird and charming as the comics it is based on.



  • Now that we feel like we’re stepping into The Twilight Zone every day, can Jordan Peele’s revival of one of history’s most favorite shows still have the same impact. While the first season of this CBS All Access program got middling reviews, given the cast Peele collects, there’s always hope — this year’s guests include Joel McHale, Paul F. Tompkins, Billy Porter, and Ethan Embry, and that’s just Screen Scholars favorites (seriously, check the line-up, it’s an impressive roster of not A-list, but definitely clever choices).
  • On the other end of the creativity spectrum, the Jersey Shore duo who form more of a dramaturgical dyad than Itchy & Scratchy return with their second show in less than a month, the just-perfect-for-2020 Revenge Prank with Pauly D & Vinny on, where else, MTV.
  • Fox’s Celebrity Watch Party celebrates fathers — including regulars like Ozzy Osborne and Master P — on their day by watching a mix of silly and great television.


  • With the world seeming like it’s being dictated by Puck — either the Shakespearean rogue or the MTV’s Real World asshole — we could always use a dose of free culture, and this week’s British stage import on YouTube features the former. It’s National Theatre @ Home: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • From its title and its appearance on horror platform Shudder, you can pretty much get the idea of what Yummy is all about: people who eat people. More info: an American couple travels to Eastern Europe for plastic surgery, and from that point on, it’s zombies in a hospital.
  • And then there was Lifetime: however, tonight it’s one that’s impossible to make fun of (or at least, we really shouldn’t) as it’s a celebration of our female medical forces battling the virus, Lifetime Presents Variety’s Power of Women: Frontline Heroes.

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