What To Watch: 06/24/2020

As this great nation burns down the last flickers of the nub of its last waxy candle, the least we can do is offer you some viewing to look at as we convert to a barter system.

Crazy Delicious [Netflix]
Ever wanted to see “jerked” watermelon that looks exactly like a ham? Or pizza re-imagined as a volcano? If so, Netflix’s new cooking combination show is right up your alley. This show’s serving up bold takes on traditional dishes with a quirky British twist.

Athlete A [Netflix]
The latest Netflix documentary looks into the U.S. gymnastics team abuse scandal and how Larry Nasser was able to get away with his horrific acts for so many years. It probably has a bit to do with people looking the other way, so this is as good a time as any to remind you that Jim Jordan is still in the House of Representatives and as a public service to let you know of the fundraising site for Shannon Freshour, the non-rape-allowing candidate running against him.

Game On! [CBS, 8p]
Tony Hale and Bobby Moynihan join Rob Gronkowski and Venus is a bunch of ridiculous stunts stolen from Ellen’s Game of Games. But at least it’s hosted by Keegan-Michael Key.



  • HBO’s latest doc tracks the lives of four transgender children in Kansas City, and for some reason, in spite of this being a very vital issue to talk about right now, it was hard to find much official info about it, even on HBO’s snazzy new HBO Max. In any case, it’s Transhood and we’ll be watching.
  • The plucky gang of time traveling S.H.I.E.L.D. superheros panic at the disco and many other locations as their services are needed in the 1970s — the late 1970s — in this week’s installment of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC.
  • The new HGTV renovation program Hot Mess House is all that you might expect from the title — or if you’ve watched any real estate based show on the platform. What’s kind of cool is that it’s started after the quarantine was in full effect.
  • There’s no new Lifetime or Hallmark movie or anything similar, so we’ll finish with something classy in a different way — you know, the old fashioned, unironic version of classy. Nobody Knows I’m Here, available previously on VoD, comes to Netflix.

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