What To Watch: 06/22/2020

Monday monday, can’t trust this so often manic day, especially on days when there is a new moon, foretelling a firedance that’s bound to last all night. There’s really just not much on tonight, but in our quest to leave you neither high nor dry, we do have some opinions to share with you.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us [The CW, 9p]
Penn and Teller return to their magician judging show. Can up and coming magicians perform a trick so good that Penn and Teller can’t duplicate it? Tune in and find out. Gotta say, this is a pretty interesting premise.

Independent Lens: Pipe Dreams [PBS, 10p]
This week’s PBS featured documentary has a name so perfect it feels like a throwaway joke from a Tina Fey comedy. “I’m sorry, I can’t, I have plans. There’s a new documentary about competitive organ players, Pipe Dreams.” Also, it’s such a niche interest that one has to imagine it brings the quirky goodness that shows how obsessed people interact.

The Bachelor [ABC, 9p]
Credit to ABC to finding a way to fill up primetime in an era of no production. Tonight’s old season of The Bachelor, sexist and reductive to be sure, follows Pete Higgins. And look, I don’t watch The Bachelor, because I’d rather die alone, not unlike Yvette Vickers, and all these white men look the same, but if you wanted to catch up on the drama you missed, this is a good chance. Plus, one of the spurned women has a video chat replete with dramatic sighs and tears when the whole thing is wrapped up!



  • It’s a night of everything you could ever want from 90 Day Fiance as it airs a three hour block of programming it calls B90 Strikes Back with episodes, BTS, interviews, reunions, and even stretches where the lovelorn contestants comment MST3K-style on their own episodes. One of the participants is called “No-Neck Eddie” which means either the show is much, much better or much, much worse than we suspect.
  • That’s TLC’s whole night save for the debut of a very different show, Find Love Live in which singles meet and have to quickly decide whether they are compatible. So, scratch that, it’s pretty much the same thing, but on steroids.
  • Terry and Arabella party in Italy on an episode of HBO’s I May Destroy You that promises two very different arcs for these main characters in front of a breathtaking backdrop.
  • Over on ID Network, The Lost Boys of Bucks County is one you’ll probably know if you want to watch it based on the title. If you need more, it examines the three year old case of the tragic murders of four young men in Pennsylvania.

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