What To Watch: 06/19/2020

It’s Juneteenth and there’s plenty of ways to celebrate the future federal holiday, including a sketch program ostensibly celebrating Black History Month in June (sorry, Carlos D).

Sherman’s Showcase [AMC, 10p, IFC, 11p]
Happy Juneteenth! To help celebrate, Sherman is bringing Black History Month to June with skit specials paying homage to icons from shows like Soul Train, Laugh-In and Solid Gold. In the midst of the current newscycle it’s nice to take a moment to laugh.

The Politician [Netflix]
Or as my partner and I call it, Build A Boy. The Ryan Murphy Machiavellian life cycle starts its second act today with Ben Platt’s conniving public servant wannabe mounting a run for a state senate against Judith Light. While its first season admittedly soared over the top at times, Platt was excellent and it was often both poignant and a lot of fun. Oh, and Bette Midler is there for the second season.

Harley Quinn [DC Universe]
A Doctor Psycho-controlled Ivy faces off with the Justice League and it’s up to Harley to save her. And maybe, just maybe, confess her love for the plant controlling anti-hero. And Darkseid is…. in this episode.



  • The classic child’s game of jumping on furniture, the one Troy & Abed used to put off saying goodbye to one another in the fifth season of Community, gets its own prime time game show as Floor Is Lava debuts on Netflix. We both mourn for the marketplace of ideas and are eagerly excited to watch this.
  • Call it Last Comic Standing meets Big Brother but with a down under twist as Rebel Wilson hosts LOL: Last One Laughing Australia, the Amazon Prime reality show where ten of the best comedians on the subcontinent are locked in a house where they have to make each other laugh to move on to the next episode.
  • We are finally acknowledging Juneteenth — the anniversary of the 1865 end of African American slavery in this country — and even ABC is getting involved with the special Juneteenth: A Celebration of Overcoming.
  • Tall and tan and young and lovely, Girls From Ipanema, is the second season of the Brazilian period (’50s-into-’60s) drama Most Beautiful Thing as Malu continues to reinvent her life in Rio after being swindled by her devious husband.


  • If you were curious what happened to aughts it boy Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, he’s flying planes now, still as an actor, for the up-in-the-air thriller 7500 debuting today.
  • In the second part of the Netflix childhood history and psychology documentary Babies, you can learn more new facts about infancy and how we all experience parenthood — but it’s also simply a chance to coo over tiny, adorable miniature human beings.
  • And here we are, my friends, at the LHV and we’ve got a new Lifetime movie tonight: it’s Deadly Transaction, where a creepy art teacher exploits two teenage girls for the counterfeiting ring they started on a lark.


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