What To Watch: 06/18/2020

We are genuinely beginning to run out of new & returning scripted shows. Does anyone else remember when TV channels would dump their pilots in the Summer or are we just showing our age? This might not be a bad time for networks to revive that habit and perhaps even bring back some rejected shows from the dead. In any case, we are still seeing some terrific (and a lot of awful) reality, game shows, and documentaries, and our first four titles fit those categories.


Syfy Wire’s The Great Debate [Syfy, 11p]
Syfy takes this forum of gloriously geeky bickering from Comic-Con to a studio with some of the funniest fellow lovers of nerd culture, including Keegan-Michael Key, Colton Dunn, Lauren Lapkus, Brian Posehn and so many others. Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie, MST3K and so many other shows).

Karma [HBO Max]
This kids’ reality show was initially known as Extreme Camp and was discovered on the Endurance subreddit. So it’s like Survivor, for high school freshmen.

Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering The Ghostbusters [Crackle]
Who you gonna call? Well, if you want to watch a new documentary on Ghostbusters, call your local Crackle, home of the busters of New York ghosts. Cleanin’ Up The Town has interviews with 40 members of the cast and crew of the 80’s classic. This is bound to be the go to authority on the making of Ghostbusters.



  • He was tucked in between the Communist bloc and Juan Peron in a certain historically name-checking 1989 number one hit and he’s arguably the man most responsible for the mess we’re currently in. Donald Trump’s one-time mentor, McCarthyism’s lawyer, Lindsey Graham of his time, and thought by many to be one of the worst humans of the 21st Century, is the subject of tonight’s debuting HBO documentary: Bully, Coward, Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn.
  • Tonight’s Celebrity Watch Party on Fox promises a party with the Fab 5 which suggests that the Queer Eye makeover kings will be the guests of honor, so we’d obviously be down for that. However, the promo just has the usual cast of not-particularly terrible B-listers hinting at watching Taxi Driver, but who doesn’t want to hear Master P’s Travis Bickle, so we’re kinda there for that too.
  • On this week’s YouTube installment of culture from across the pond, it’s National Theatre @ Home: Small Island — a 2019 Helen Edmundson play based on an Andrea Levy novel of the same name telling three stories connected by the relationship between England and Jamaica.


  • Critically acclaimed and based on the notebooks of real life deep cover spooks, The Bureau returns for its fifth season of French-language thrills.
  • Speaking of spooks, over on Netflix, the second season of The Order, the tales of teenagers battling strange masked cults and, apparently, actual demons as well, returns.
  • The animated adventures of Oscar and Hedgehog in the wilderness also get a second season, but Summer Camp Island and all its surreality is moving to HBO Max.

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