What To Watch: 06/11/2020

Our choices run all over the map today — from classic MTV comfort food to high British theatre (with an ‘re’) to trying day-to-day to handle our current altered reality.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny [MTV, 9p]
Can anything compare to MTV’s A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila? No. Will women debase themselves for the mild misogyny MTV is somehow OK with? For a second season? Yes. But something needs to be on the TV during America’s endless lockdown. Pass the vodka.

National Theatre @ Home: The Madness of George III [YouTube]
This week’s free intellectual treat is Alan Bennett’s classic 1991 play — this one starring Mark Gatiss in the title role. If you love that, also check out the classic 1994 flick with a slightly different name — but also by Bennett — that earned the late Nigel Hawthorne an Academy Award nomination.

Shelter in Place with Shane Smith [Vice, 10p]
Shane Smith sits down with newsmakers and leaders to deconstruct the state of the world. These days we need all the analysis we can get.



  • Ryan Reynolds and Adam Scott have designed a new game show for ABC with the slightly more adorkable actor hosting. We could tell you what it is or you could click on the hyperlink of Don’t (that’s its title) or you could just look at the picture above and let yourself be surprised.
  • One of Freeform’s loftiest dramas returns for the second — shortened by COVID — half of its fourth season. Everything’s changing for Jane, Kat, and Sutton on The Bold Type.
  • The History Channel goes through a seventh roundabout of what they call the “most intense survival series on television.” Contestants compete for a million dollars if they survive 100 days on their own in treacherous territory. The makers of Alone claim that no one has “lasted this long.” We’re presuming they just gave up and the producers didn’t let them die, but at this point, we’re probably pretty close to that kind of show.


  • A thriller from an unlikely place (Saudi Arabia), Whispers tells the story of a family business which may or may not have ordered the death of the patriarch. Where else could it be but Netflix?
  • Shudder goes into the meta business with Warning: Do Not Play as a horror director is at a loss for a new film, and winds up with what may be a “ghost film.”
  • No matter where we start, we always end up at Lifetime. Tonight’s menu will be serving Mommy Is A Murderer. You’re welcome!

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