What To Watch: 06/08/2020

Not a big day for scripted shows — and it’s only going to get worse as we run out of shows shot before the quarantine — but there’s some great treats for lovers of food and travel. It’s a great night for fans of that one beloved reality show where a beautiful guy (or gal) sleeps with a bunch of beautiful girls (or guys).

Buried Worlds with Don Wildman [Travel, 9p]
Mysteries at the Museum host “uncovers dark mysteries” in this new series. (Let’s not get our hopes up, the Museum mysteries haven’t been, well, mysterious.) Wildman will go underground — in London’s tunnels, forgotten, buried cities, and more, so that’s fun.

Big Time Bake [Food, 9p]
Food Network describes this latest baking competition show as “nonstop,” which sounds exhaustingly delicious. It’s hosted by famed Hoboken sweets chef Buddy Valastro, which excites me, but my appreciation stems more from Paul F. Tompkins homage to Cake Boss (CAKE BOSS!) than from his actual confectionery creations.

Fuck… That’s Delicious [Vice, 9p]
Action and the boys go to Paris! It’s a nice distraction since they’ve been spending so much time in New York lately. F*ck that’s delicious goes worldwide. Don’t say you weren’t warned!



  • ABC shakes its money maker for all it’s worth deciding since they can’t have a new season, let’s do the most elaborate clip shows. The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons — EVER! is emphatic about selecting for you the best of the bunch.
  • It’s a banner day for the top makers of sweet rectangles of moist deliciousness as not only does the Cake Boss peek out from his hole, but frienival Ace of Cakes emerges from his own lair for Duff Takes The Cake — also on Food Network.
  • Get excited because over on PBS the Antiques Roadshow is going to Milwaukee — and that about does it for us.

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