What To Watch: 05/31/2020

A lifetime goes by so fast, and so it is with the excellent Starz program Vida, whose story ends tonight after three seasons. There’s also a bunch of game shows to go along with a new series about quiz show chicanery. There’s even an Epix look at the history of a certain brand of California oft-breezy, folk-tinged rock.


Vida [Starz, 9p]
I’m feeling really emotional about saying goodbye to one of my favorite shows way too soon. Now, where will I see such a stellar line up of Latina leading ladies that tackle everything from gentrification to correct gender terminology? Like really bad ass women that stand up for themselves and the people they love? Latinas that don’t let the world define them? I’m really at a loss right Now. Did the show-runner even have enough time to give this series a proper sendoff? We’ll find out tonight whether Emma and Nico stand a chance at real love, and if Lyn can believe in herself enough to walk away from her too-perfect politician boyfriend and his comemierda mother. Will Emma and Lyn survive the reunion with the MIA papi? Or will this break the bond of the Hernandez sisters I’ve so grown to love? Tune in tonight for last call at Vida.

Quiz [AMC, 9p]
In 2001, seven years after the Twenty One scandal was made into the movie Quiz Show, engineer and UK Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant Charles Ingram took the absolute wrong lesson from it and tried his own scam. He was caught, and this time, in 2020 we have a miniseries with a sleeker name. Matthew MacFayden plays Ingram, while the incomparable actor — and Gerry Rafferty supporter — Michael Sheen plays presenter Chris Tarrant.

Laurel Canyon [Epix, 10p]
This two-part documentary from Alison Elwood examines “an intimate portrait of the artists who created a music revolution,” through new interviews and rare archival footage of Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Michelle Phillips, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Roger McGuinn, and more.



  • This week’s installment of Showtime’s best hatewatch Billions includes affable comic and filmmaker Mike Birbiglia in his recurring role as an affable billionaire philanthropist, so there will be at least one non-despicable character this week. His on-and-off paramour Taylor Mason is somewhat OK.
  • There’s a long line of game shows tonight on ABC to set up future potential scandals — none of these game shows is less than 37 years old. Nostalgia-meets-modern-shininess with the latest installations of Press Your Luck, The Match Game, and Celebrity Family Feud.
  • If you didn’t get enough of the extra-special creepiness that was the late Jeffrey Epstein from the Netflix special, ID’s got your back with Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?, a deep dive that’s definitely not going to be exploitative or anything.
  • It’s a future husband’s time to shine while screaming about his very special day in Up’s Groomzilla. However, it took a special wish by the bride to get him to care about the wedding. It’s funny because of pre-conceived gender roles, you see? Sigh, is it 2021 yet?
  • Who can top that shit? How about Lifetime, whose Sunday night movie this week is My Husband’s Deadly Past, which is either about Oskar Schindler’s bold attempts to save as many lives as he can in Nazi Germany, or about a woman manipulated by her psychiatrist husband into believing she killed a co-ed. Schreen Scholars, out!

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